Adolf Hitler Becoming the Chancellor of Germany

Adolf Hitler Becoming the Chancellor of Germany

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Adolf Hitler Becoming the Chancellor of Germany

In this essay I will explore the reasons why Hitler became the Fuhrer
of Germany and shall study in detail the chain of events that helped
him to do this.

On February 27th 1933, just after Hitler became chancellor the
Reichstag building mysteriously caught fire and burned down. A Dutch
communist, Marinus Van der Lubbe, was found with matches in his
pocket. There and then he was charged the crime of setting the
Reichstag building alight, and later confessed. He was executed on
trial. People still believe that the Nazis some how set the building
on fire themselves, as there is no concrete evidence to suggest that
it was the young Dutchman, and that the confession wasn't forced out
of him. There is some evidence to suggest this theory is correct.
There was a secret passageway that ran from the SA's office to the
Reichstag building. No one could prove this theory; and Hitler
immediately after the fire claimed it was a communist plot to bring
down the Government. This worked in his favour, as the Communists were
a threat to him.

The March 1933 election brought the Nazis 44% of the vote, more than
ever before. However the Nazis needed 50% of the vote to have the
total control that they wanted. They would have to join with another
party, that party was the Nationalist party. This was a breakthrough
for the Nazis.

Now that Hitler had control of the Reichstag he pressed home his
advantage and introduced the Enabling Law, which would allow him to
rule unopposed. To get the law it had to be approved by two thirds of
the Reichstag, which became an obstacle, Hitler simply didn't have
this, he had half the Reichstag's approval. Hitler's next move was to
take away the 81 seats belonging to the communists. Hitler also wanted
to get rid of the Social Democrats; he did this by threatening them
with the SA. After this display other parties gave in, and the
Enabling law was passed by 444 votes to 94.

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Hitler now had full

The next stage in Hitler's master plan was to remove his opposition.
In June 1933 the Social Democratic party was banned; and others
followed. One month later Hitler introduced the Law against Formation
of new parties. The Nazis now ran Germany single handily. The next to
go was the anti-Nazi Trade Unions. Hitler then set out to make a Nazi
present in each important job in the country.

After all of this however there was still one threat to the Nazis;
there former ally, the SA. The SA's leader Ernst Roehm had more
extravagant views and ideas than Hitler. One of these ideas was to
take control of the German Army. This was a threat to Hitler; he could
not afford to let it happen. The Night of the long Knives occurred on
the 30th June 1934. Hitler ordered the SS to arrest members of the SA,
and over the next few days many members were arrested; and shot.
Hitler later explained events to the Reichstag, they believed him.
Hitler had saved the Nation. Hitler was almost there he had done the
hard work. He and the Nazi Party were practically unopposed.

President Hindenburg had watched events unfold in front of him. He was
the only man in the country that had more power than Hitler. And on
the 2nd August 1934, aged 87 he died. Hitler wasted no time declaring
himself President. He was the Fuhrer of Germany.

Hitler went from a controlled chancellor to President in a small
amount of time. He did it bit by bit. His plan worked perfectly,
no-one saw it coming. Nazi Rule in Germany was underway.
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