Improvisation of a Rebellion Scene

Improvisation of a Rebellion Scene

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Improvisation of a Rebellion Scene

The task set was to improvise a rebellion scene.

From this we were put into two groups and asked to plan how we were
going to stage our rebellion. The improvisations were to have a
beginning, middle and ending. We decided to stick to the idea of
leadership and have 3 horses as the leaders rather than the pigs in
Animal Farm. I played the role of one of the horses.

We based the idea of a rebellion on the fact that the horses hadn't
been let out of their stables. The horses break out of their stables
and let the other animals out of their enclosures.

At the beginning the horses remain frozen as the farmer pushes the
chickens back into their pens. When standing as a horse I stood
upright and in a proud manner. My head was held high and I kept my
pose still. When talking the horses kept their heads held high. The
movement of my head was kept to a minimum.

When talking I believed horses spoke as though they were better than
any other animal. To show this I spoke in a clear voice making sure I
pronounced my words clearly.

"How can the farmer expect me to win races if he doesn't comb my

In the farmhouse to get a feeling of chaos there was a period before
the horses spoke when the animals just made noise. This climaxed at
the loudest point and then went silent. This was then repeated to add
tension when the horses went to break out of their stables. This
worked well because it made the scene seem tenser.

When walking like a horse I kept my body upright and walked slowly. My
posture was straight up. It was a s though I was strolling rather than
walking. This I did gracefully in a way that showed the audience how
proud I was.

All the animals were scared and intimidated by the horses. To show
this they obeyed the horses even if they were reluctant.

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One main
chicken was extremely reluctant about the rebellion. She repeated that
the rebellion wouldn't work. At first she joined the rebellion and
then on the way to the farmhouse turned back. On the way to the
farmhouse there was a still picture where the chicken spoke of her
distress. This was to show the audience how she felt and was the only
way she could be heard as there was a lot of confusion. She eventually
goes back to her pen. One horse argues that we need all the animals we
can get. However I argued that she would be more of a liability.

"She'll be more of a liability, we don't need her"

When saying this, my hand moved up slowly, to the point where I was
pointing at the chicken. To intimidate her I kept eye contact and a
serious face.

As we were to walk to the farmhouse the farmhouse ended up to the
right of the stage. This was too much out of the audience's view. To
overcome this problem we froze at the farmhouse door and moved the
scene more center stage. Even when freezing I kept my body upright and
looked down upon the smaller more feeble animals.

To get the farmer out of the farmhouse two chickens went into the
farmhouse and pecked at the farmer's head. Once he came outside the
horses stood upright surrounded him.

Even when chasing the farmer out of the farm he ran, but the horses
remained at a steady speed which may have intimidated the farmer more.
Similar to earlier in the scene the horses made their own noise to add
suspense. The horses began the noise making "Naa-ing" loudly with the
other animals as an accompaniment.

Once the farmer had gone all the animals celebrate by screaming and
shouting "REBELLION!" The scene ended with all the animals with one
hand in the air saying "Rebellion".

The ending could have been better than what it was. As animals we
didn't fully show how happy we were to have freedom. However
throughout the performance everyone's animal characteristics worked
well. Everyone stayed in character and did their animal impressions to
the best of their ability. As a result the improvisation worked well.
With a little more practice the ending could have been perfected also.
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