A Titanic Survivor's Story

A Titanic Survivor's Story

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A Titanic Survivor's Story

Walking up the gangplank I felt nervous… I was one metre away from my
first steps aboard the Titanic. It had been a hard day, having to
leave my friends and family to start a new life. I had had a job offer
in the centre of New York City and it had been a rush to get my place
on the 'Titanic's Maiden Voyage'. I felt heaviness in my heart; not
knowing what was lying ahead of me made me feel anxious and excited.

From the outside the Titanic was a swan, gracefully gliding through
the water. Not sure of what to accept, I stepped inside to discover a
world of comfort. The bed sheets were pure cotton, unlike my worn out
linen ones back home, and the whole boat smelt of freshly picked
flowers. My ticket didn't allow me to go onto the top floor but I
managed to have a brisk walk around before being asked to return. The
interior was mainly dark oak, with huge mirrors hanging from the
ceiling to floor. Before I was sent back to my room, I took a look
through the double glass doors leading to the main dining room. What a
magnificent sight! Fine porcelain china being laid onto the huge
tables. Tiffany lamps centred on each table too. The most humungous
chandelier in the centre of the room made the light dance across the
richly coloured walls. I would have given anything to be first class
but I was lucky to even have a place aboard the ship.

Walking down the stairs to my deck I passed a piece of paper
carelessly dropped onto the floor. Out of curiosity I picked it up and
unfolded it to find a note scribbled down. I couldn't believe my eyes!
It said, 'Icebergs ahead'. This immediately rang alarms bells, what
would happen if the boat hit an iceberg and sank? I needed to talk to
someone about what I had found. Who? I didn't know anybody aboard this
ship and I hadn't even seen my roommate yet! Rushing back to my room I

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found the door already open and a mother and child were sitting at the
table opposite one of the beds.

"Hello dear, I suppose you're our roommate for the journey? This is my
daughter Elizabeth and my name is Emily. Would you like a glass of
milk?" Not waiting for an answer she reached across the table and
poured me a glass. She had a warm smile and although she looked quite
old, she did not act or dress that way.

"Hi my names Chloe. Have you chosen your bed or do I get to take first
pick?" I tried to give a smile as she passes me the glass but she
seemed a bit pushy for my likening. I don't think I will share my
findings with her. After all this is the 'unsinkable ship'.

Taking a sip of milk, I made myself at home on my bed for the few days
ahead of me. Pondering over my findings, I started to mutter to myself
and before I knew it, I had started talking aloud.

"Yes Chloe?" I heard Emily reply. I immediately looked up to realise
that Elizabeth was not in the room. So as to divert my roommate I
tactfully changed the subject.

"Where has Elizabeth gone?"

"She's gone to find some playmates. So what were you mumbling about?"
Not sure whether to tell her the truth I avoided the question and
started to unpack. To my surprise at the top of my bag there was a
bundle of money and a letter. As I neared the end tears filled my eyes
and I broke down. Was I ready for such a big move? Emily moved over to
my bed to comfort me. She reached for the letter and read it aloud.

"To my dearest daughter, I love you with all of my heart and always
will do. I know I can't make you change your mind so I will just say
that my arms are here to for you to run into if things go wrong. You
have so many opportunities ahead of you and I wish you all the luck in
the world. I hope you get a chance to do all the things I never did
because you are one in a million million and deserve the very best. I
will miss you so much. It hurts to see you go but nothing I do or say
will stop you. So instead I will just wait here until you are ready to
come back or simply just want to visit. The money is what me and your
farther saved for your future but you can spend it on what you like.
Don't forget me when you're rich and famous! Lots of love your
mother." As Emily read the last line she went to her bag and unpacked
some tissues. She passed me some and said that she would leave me to
sort myself out. I had to get through this and now I felt I had a
friend for life it would make it much easier.

The following morning I woke to the smell of cocoa. I soon realised
that I had fallen asleep before Emily and Elizabeth had come back.
With a new positive feeling about life I gave a stretch and put on my

Sitting at the window whilst eating my breakfast I got my journal out
and started to write. I had not realised how fast the boat was going,
a bit too fast actually, seen as we were flying past icebergs.

That night I decided to have a walk along the deck.it was amazing! The
amount of detail and effort put into the ship was magnificent. Walking
along I counted the lifeboats. Counting twenty in total. Surely, that
was not enough! It was supposed to be the unsinkable ship, but this
was ridiculous! Only twenty! What would happen if we sprung a leek or
hit an iceberg? Walking down the corridor I past an opened door.

"I've told you. The rudders too small for the engine. We cannot go any
faster!" as the crewmember said this he got up and slammed the door
shut. Not knowing what to think I carried on walking to my room. I was
now convinced the ship was unsafe…

As I got back, Emily and Elizabeth were having tea before bed. As I
played with my food, I decided I had to tell Emily. Waiting for the
right moment after Elizabeth had gone to sleep I decided to just say

"Emily the ship is unsafe…" I blurted out. Unable to finish what I was
saying Emily interrupted.

"How can it be? It's the unsinkable ship!"

"The rudders too small for the engine and there aren't enough
lifeboats for us all."

"Well this may be true but were doing fine at the moment aren't we?"

"But look!" showing her the note Emily sat down to rationalise with

"It could be a fake dear. Young children could have written this!" as
Emily said this I could tell that she was trying to hide her emotions.

"But it all fits!" I yelled.

"I don't need the worries Chloe! It's all in your head." snapped
Emily. As she said this, she stormed out the door. I stood their in
disbelief, how could my friend be so blind?

An hour later I woke to a bang. I ran out to find children playing
football with large blocks of ice. Realising what had happened I
rushed into my room.

Emily sat on the edge of her bed in shock. She could not look me in
the eye from earlier on. As she opened her, mouth to say what I think
was to be an apology we got rudely interrupted by cabin crew.

"Put these on" the man ordered.

"Why? W… w… what's happening?" Emily stuttered.

"The ships sinking, get onto the deck and into the lifeboat as soon as
you can," as the man went he turned around. "You didn't hear it form
me though!"

Helping Elizabeth with her jacket, we smiled shyly at each other, but
when I reached to help Emily, she pushed the jacket and me away. She
just sat there motionless.

"Emily, what are you doing? The Titanic is sinking and you wont even
save yours or your daughters life!"

"I can't. My time has nearly come anyway. Let me be." Emily had an
unusual sad tone to her voice; I was so used to her happy old self it
was as if she was being taken over.

"What about Elizabeth? Your plans for the future? You can't just give
up now!"

"You take Elizabeth. My plans do not matter to me anymore. I cant do
this" I couldn't believe she was letting her life go before her. She
was the sort of person I thought could hold everyone together in
situations like this. I was the vulnerable one who should be like
this, not her!

I could feel the boat tilting and decided there was nothing to do but
to do what she said. I hated the feeling that was in the pit of my
stomach but I would rather save one life than none. I took Elizabeth
and made a run for the deck. It was hard letting my friend go but it
had to be done.

The look on Elizabeth's face as we got onto the lifeboat and realised
that she would not see her mother again was heartbreaking. As we were
lowered down a tear slipped from my watery eyes and I held onto
Elizabeth. I didn't know how I was going to cope, let alone how
Elizabeth was going to!

In the early hours of the morning, we saw the last of the Titanic. It
was terrible; screams and cries for help were all we heard. I felt
awful. We would keep our life's whereas hundreds of people surrounding
us where dying.

The rest of the journey to America was on another boat. Every night I
heard Elizabeth whimper and cry for her mum. It was awful, how was I
meant to replace her? I knew I was going to look after Elizabeth
because I felt responsible for her mother's death.

As we touched land, the first thing I saw was the statue of liberty.
Hundreds of people where waiting for arrivals off the Titanic and many
where left crying with dismay. I knew the American Dream had been
spoilt but I was going to make it work for Elizabeth.

Looking out of our apartment window, I can see the famous sight, the
Statue of Liberty. Everytime I do I think of that dreadful night on
the Titanic, but then feel blessed that I am still here today.
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