Doing the Blessing

Doing the Blessing

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Doing the Blessing

· Are you doing what God told you? Are you doing and being what God intended?
· Gn.1.27-28 ~ 27 So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
· We talk about the "blessing" of God, and usually tend to focus more on the goods received, rather than the commission that is transferred with the blessing.
· The blessing is not only something you get, but it's something you give. The blessing isn't just for receiving, it's for achieving.
· The blessing is a loving command to sow and reap and sow and reap and sow and reap. It's WORK!
· God's blessing is that He permits you the privilege of doing and being in His will.

· If you don't occupy yourself doing the will of God while you're here, you'll end up just "hanging out" and doing foolish, idle things. Before you know it, you'll end up thinking of something really stupid to do, wind up getting in trouble, and then end up out of school.)
· And know something, too…whatever happens to the ones you hang around with, will more than likely end up happening to you also. Adam and Eve were busying themselves in disobedience together (Genesis 3:6 ~ And when the woman saw that the tree [was] good for food, and that it [was] pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make [one] wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat).
· By the way, the first act of disobedience was not that they ate of the tree - it's that they disobeyed by not adhering to the blessing pronounced upon them…to "be fruitful and multiply". Note: they didn't have any kids until after "the fall" (Genesis 4.1). They were too busy minding their curiosities about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It's interesting how "Good" and "Evil" are associated in this one tree. So many times "Good" can be "Evil". "Good" things are not always "God".

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But "God" is always "Good". The mistake they made was that they became idle in their service and stopped looking for "God" - and started looking for "Good". This is what happens when you get idle. You begin to mind foolish things. Living in this idle state will ultimately lead to death. If you stay idle your vision is going to die. And this will have an effect on others. How? Because people will perish for the lack of vision.

· Some of you don't understand the "blessing" that has been being taught and practiced here everyday before school. It's not a magical phrase like, "Abracadabra". It will have no effect on your life unless you partner yourself to it, and DO IT. It's like being blessed with a business from your father: unless you maintain the business, you will not receive the rewards of the business, and the business will end up folding, crumbling, DYING. I would even go so far as to say that once you have been blessed, if you choose to live outside of the perimeters of that blessing, you will find yourself in a worse state than the one you were in before the blessing. Example: The Prodigal Son (Lk.15). He asked for his blessing and received it. This should tell you that it's OK to ask for a blessing. Amen? But what are you going to do with the blessing? That's the question. The Prodigal Son had received a blessing and decided to try and live outside of the place in which he was blessed, away from the one who blessed him. What happened to him? He reaped a blessing but did not sow it back into the right place. The blessing that you reap from God will only reap more when it is sown into the proper place of the garden in which He has blessed you. The Prodigal Son spent all his money in the wrong place. The place he went to was a land of famine…a land of want and lack (Lk.15.14). He left the place of blessing, which was his father's will for him to abide in. He ended up squandering all he had. He didn't invest the blessing, but just spent it. He was very close to insanity, eating with the swine, and ready to give up. None of this would have ever happened if he had stayed within his father's domain. When you receive a blessing, be assured of one thing - attached to it is a purpose. Do you know why He has blessed you? To enable you to fulfill His will.

· It's easy to see how you can loose everything by going out of the place that God intends. But we see in Genesis, how it is even possible to be in the right place, and yet still loose the blessing by not doing the right thing. God may have placed you here in CFNI just as Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden. He may have blessed you just as He also blessed Adam and Eve. But don't think you can just sit back and relax and do nothing. Don't think you can just come here and fool around. In order for you to keep the blessing, you must keep focused in prayer on what God's purpose for sending you here and blessing you was. If you don't stay focused, you will waste and squander the blessing that God intended for you, just like Adam and just like the Prodigal Son. Don't think that just because you gave up or sacrificed something great to come here, that God is finished requiring of you. For we know that OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice. Here is the more difficult part…now it's time to WALK in OBEDIENCE to His will and blessing.

· Just like God asked a question when Adam went from an idle to a disobedient state, let God ask you a question through me. "Where art thou?" Where are you? Why are you not living according to the condition of God's blessing?
· You see, the blessing comes in the form of a seed. You've heard of the Great Commission, now let me suggest His Great Condition. The only way you will continue to be blessed is if you DO something with that seed blessing. If you work and plant it, it will grow and you will be blessed even more
· The blessing you are privileged with, is to become a never ending process of seed and fruit, with more seeds to produce more fruit. Seed/fruit/seed/fruit/seed/fruit.
· The seed blessing that God gave me turned into the fruit of a Pastor-teacher, only because I obeyed and occupied myself with what He blessed me to do. I believed by faith that He called me to Shepherd, and so I did something. Instead of just being idle after the two year program, I made a decision to occupy myself in the School of Pastoral Ministry.
· I have been preparing to be pastor of a new and improved breed. I've been studying and praying hard, because I want to do and be something that this world has never seen before. I've been engaged to Pastoral studies, now, for one year and the blessing that God gave to me, has increased in that time. Remember sacrifice is good, but your continuous obedience will keep you the blessing.

· If I had to sum up what I received from my time in the School of Pastoral Ministries, I would say that:
I learned what to do with what I have.
I am to be fruitful and multiply His Church with the blessing that He has given me of being called to pastor.
· I know there are people here in this auditorium that have that "pastoral stirring" going on inside. Well, instead of being idle after your two years are up, DO something. Stay occupied, and enroll to study in the School of Pastoral Ministries.
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