Aztec Software and Mind Tree Technologies

Aztec Software and Mind Tree Technologies

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Aztec Software and Mind Tree Technologies

Aztec Software is a focussed application and solution development organization that offers quality and full cycle development services in their core focus areas of server and middleware technology, XML, Internet technology and database internals.
The company is founded by S.Partha Sarathy, (BTech from the IIT M, MBA from IIM A) and Govindarajan V.R, (MS in CS from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst). The company is promoted by K B Chandrashekhar, The Co-founder and Chairman of Exodus Communications Inc., a $22 billion Internet services organization. He has personally invested in two Indian companies, one of them being Aztec.
Technology :
At Aztec -- they understand what it takes to architect and build an ASP Infrastructure. With live ASP customers, ASP Architecture expertise, their product using which they served up list marketers on the web, and technical expertise par-excellence in XML, Net Infrastructure, & Databases, they have developed the AzASP Framework™ (find out more about this by visiting their website : in the AzExpertise Section).
Stock Options :
Aztec Software offers a very unique stock-option plan to all its employees.There is no lock-in period and the shares are vested with you @2% for every month put in by the employee with Aztec Their philosophy is to "create wealth and share wealth".
Customers :
Aztec list of customers includes the most prestigious names in the industry like Microsoft, IBM, Enterworks, Digital, Ardent Software, etc

MindTree Consulting
About MindTree (

Imagination, action and joy are what MindTree is all about. One of the most
high-profile start-ups to have been formed last year, MindTree is a mission
by itself led by stalwarts of Indian IT industry, Ashok Soota (ex-CEO of
Wipro Infotech ) and Subroto Bagchi ( Founder of Lucent, India ). Clear-cut
goals to be the post-millennial organization, to create an international
consulting company operating in ebusiness and convergent technology space,
to be an institution that will simultaneously focus on six different
aspects—domain, tools, methodology, quality, innovation and branding.

Four realistic targets have been set for 2005—achieving sales of $123
million, setting up four development centers internationally, committing a
significant portion of profit after tax to support primary education and
substantial wealth creation. The company plans to extend stock options
across the board, right from the front office person to the Chairman. The
founders of MindTree have taken up knowledge dissemination as a personal

As regards its business aspect, MindTree has two areas of focus—e-business
and t-business. While the former is about consulting and implementation of

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e-business assignments for customers in the US and India, with the addition
of one more geography by the end of the year, the latter—a division called
MindTree Technologies provides high-end technology services and solutions.
While e-business is to do with digital strategy down to implementation,
catering to CEOs and CIOs of Fortune 500 companies, t-business is about the
interplay of all converging technologies and customer focus directed towards
telecom and internet appliances.

The strategy is very clear. To begin at the upper-end of the pyramid and add
high value by delivering consulting skills of international standards.
Further, value addition is being done in a business backward manner by
deciphering customers' needs to build solutions. By setting up e-labs that
conduct an advance study of various trends and technologies,
time-to-knowledge benefit is brought to customers. On the other hand
MindTree Technologies, is foraying into areas of IC design, wireless
technology, and VoIP and network management. In short, both the businesses
use strong methodologies, which help the customer to manage total cost of

As usual when stalwarts join hands to form an ace team, expectations from
all quarters are high. How they translate these aims into reality will make all the difference
About MindTree Technologies

MindTree Technologies, a division of MindTree Consulting is an international
design house that delivers 'Networking Technologies' to the IT equipment
vendors. This is done through a combination of world-class experience,
customer-centric processes, best practices, and technical expertise.
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