The Effects of Divorce

The Effects of Divorce

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The Effects of Divorce

Divorce is one of those things that are mainly mentioned by people who haven't gone through the experience. Those who have are the ones who don't ever want to talk about it. There is a promise that each individual of a marriage makes that basically y says that they will be faithful, caring, and will stay together until death do they part. Lately this promise has been broken more than half of the time. A divorce not only affects the husband and wife but also the children of the mairiage. There are even times that the result of a traumatic divorce causes children to have mental breakdowns and even severe stress related health problems. When a couple sits down and decide to get married they should realize that getting married is a large step in life and should not be taken lightly. They should anticipate disagreements and should realize that divorce is not the only way out. If two individuals cannot realize this then they have no business getting married in the first place. Some people get married just because they have had a child. This is where there are a lot of misunderstandings. Most think that you are obligated to marry if you have a child. A person does not have to be compatible wit the other to merely have sex with them therefore it should be assumed that the same goes with marriage. Anyone can have sex and not care about the other person because you don't have to live and die with every person you have sex with. You should on the other hand live and die with the person you marry. When a couple thinks they have no choice to to get married they should really think it over because it could be worse for the child to go through a bad divorce later don the road then for them to have parents that were never married in the first place. If I were to ever be responsible for a child out of wedlock I would definitely think it over before I ran in and got married right away. I have had a similar experience with a past girlfriend who said she was pregnant and said it was mine. When the truth

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really came out she said she knew it wasn't my child but for about six months she was saying that it was my child and her parents and my grandparents were practically forcing me to get married and settle down with her even though I did not care for her in that way. In the end there were apologies and they were accepted because I could understand where they were coming from because they were brought up in a different era than me. In conclusion, there are too many divorces in the world now and they are mostly caused by stupidity and this problem can be fixed. Another thing that people can think about is that it takes on the average of one year to complete a divorce and can cost up to $15,000. It comes down to three words... Use Your Head!



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