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Gossip Gossip, as defined by the Webster's New World Dictionary, is "one who chatters idly about others". I feel that gossiping is ethically wrong. Gossiping is usually done by talking about people behind their backs, which is very painful to that person being talked about. No one wants to be talked about, whether the information is true or not. The people doing the gossiping often feel they are doing it to better themselves and get caught up in the trap of trying to make themselves feel better by putting others down. Is it true, or are they, in all actuality, hurting themselves? Gossiping does not do the greatest good for the greatest number. Although a person may think he could gain something by gossiping, often it can hurt. An example of this would be when an employee who gossips about a fellow employee. By doing this, he loses credibility with his employer and fellow employees. Gossip is extensive in the newspaper industry. A person could say that magazines like the National Enquirer and the Star, who specialize in gossiping, are doing the greatest good for the greatest number. They create jobs and entertain many, but they also hurt a great number of people. They tell exaggerated truths and outright lies about innocent persons. The subscribers to these magazines are given a distorted view of reality and some may even begin to believe this point of view. The same thing may happen to the reporter of the magazine, therefore harming him also. Unfortunately, we have all been guilty of gossip at one time or another, and we have all been the victims of it too. I think there are three possible responses for when we encounter gossip. We could speak out, and kindly, but firmly tell the person that gossip is hurtful and that no one benefits from it. We could turn the conversation around by saying something nice about the person being talked about. Alternatively, we could walk away and not be a part of the problem by sticking around to listen. Gossip is wrong and we should uphold our beliefs. No one person is helped by gossiping and anything that hurts someone else is wrong.

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