Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Remember the Titans

Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Remember the Titans

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Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Remember the Titans

Movies have always been an inspiration to me through my years growing up. From the first time my friends and I went and saw "Honey I Shrunk The Kids", to "Remember The Titans", I have always enjoyed the compassion and energy these directors and actors have put in into these movies.
Growing up, these movies have educated me somewhat more than school did. For example I used to believe that that racism was a thing of the past, only history to us now. But when I saw several movies being made about racism here in the United States I came to think that it still exist. Mostly all of them were based on a true story. "Final Justice", a film about a African --American father killing the two White men that had raped and tortured his little girl, and then fighting a court battle to capture his innocence, showed me that African -- Americans really had struggling lives growing up in some communities. Just because of their skin color. Movies such as that influenced me greatly when I was growing up, I was already raised with the absence of racism, but when I would here people talking about "black" people, after watching these movies I wouldn't get myself involved in the conversations.
There have been many movies in the past that I have enjoyed. Many that I don't even remember what happens in the movie anymore, and some that I could watch over and over again. And then there were others, which were poorly done, or it didn't interest me at all, like the "Blair Witch Project". A crew of college students for a project supposedly did this movie. Once it hit the news the movie caught on fire. Everyone was scrambling to see it, while all the Cinema's were asking for it, so I decided to go and watch it. Inside the movie theatre my friends and I began to watch the beginning of the movie when all of the sudden one person got sick of the constant motion of the camera, and through up. From that point on the movie just got worse. It was so difficult to pay attention and not get dizzy that I missed all the parts that were supposed to scare me.

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That is what I call a horrible movie.
But don't get me wrong, there have been numerous movies that have been explicitly wonderful that I can't even tell you. To pick just two would be very difficult.
My two favorite movies would have to be "The Hurricane" staring Denzel Washington and "The Green Mile" staring Tom Hanks. Both these movies were made not to long ago this year and both won numerous academy awards.
"The Hurricane" was a movie about a young boy being troubled with the law from his early age. When he was seven he and his friends ran through the crowded city streets screaming and steeling things from merchants and civilians. Things such as shirts and hats right of a person's head. Then they all went to a place where there was a waterfall, here they all were throwing rocks down to the water, when suddenly a man showed up and started talking to one of the little boys. "Hurricane" which then was known as Ruben Paterson yelled at the man to leave them alone, when he refused Ruben chucked a stone at him and he started to run away. All the children got away except Ruben. The man grabbed him and threatened to throw him off the cliff, right into the water. Ruben quickly took out his switchblade and stabbed the man in his leg, and ran for his life. He was later caught and convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced in juvenile hall until he was an adult.
This film later goes on to dissect the rest of Ruben's life. Like when he escaped jail and hid away until he joined the United States Army. There he learned how to box, wining several medals in the Army. The law caught up to him again later on for escaping, and through him back into prison. There he only boxed. Boxed when he was awake, boxed in his dreams, boxed when others got to go into the yard and boxed when others were fed. Boxing was his life. Later when he was released he vowed to never do anything again that would send him back to prison. He went on to box for the world championship and won it. He was starting to become famous and loved by many people when suddenly he was arrested again for this time a murder. A murder he did not commit.
Later, still in prison, he decided to write a book about his life. When this Black child who was living in Canada with some tutors found this book he decided to get involved. He tried and tried to show the people that Hurricane Cater was a free man.
And eventually he did do that and they both went on to live happily ever after.
This film was done in such a way that I believe it could be considered a film noir. There were lots of dark Images and many sad and depressing moments. "The Hurricane" has basically the same story line as many other wonderful movies. The story line of an African - American struggling to show that he was wrongly accused of something he never did and with the help of someone else they proved his innocence.
My second favorite movie also has that same story line but it was done in a totally different way. "The Green Mile", was a film based in the 1950's where olds caravans were used transport vehicles for inmates, and African -- Americans were still portrayed as slaves. This movie started when this huge gigantic Black slave named John Coffee crying hysterically while holding two little girls in each of his hands, their hair covered with blood. Meanwhile a gang of white farmers and sheriffs were following the trail of blood looking for the missing children. When they find John, the father of the dead children starts punching him and cries for the sheriff to kill him. The sheriff instead arrests him and puts him away to die in the electric chair. He is then transferred to a holding cell where the inmates are ready to be executed. This place is called the Green Mile. In the beginning of the movie all the deputies were scared to confront John because of his enormous size. But the top deputy, who is played by Tom Hanks, trusts John. While other deputies disagree he enters John's cell and tells him the rules of the Green Mile. He is surprised to see how polite and gentle this gigantic man is.
As the movie goes on there seems to be a mysterious power that John has in him. He had already cured the deputy's personal problem with his sexual disease. Then when he brought back to life a mouse that was squished to death by a bad tempered deputy, the other deputies got an idea. They throw the "evil deputy", into a storage room and drug up the other inmates. In the middle of the night, taking a huge risk with their jobs and their lives, they sneak John out of his cell and into a caravan, and then they head over to the mayor's house. The mayor's wife has a large size tumor in her head, in which she screams and swears uncontrollably. When John enters the room where she is sleeping, she starts screaming and the mayor tries to stop him. While a deputy holds him back, the mayor himself watches as this enormous man mysteriously suck up all this evil dust from his wife's mouth, which was the tumor. When John is finished he then starts coughing and spits it out of his own mouth, turning the dust and the tumor into a vanishing image. There on out they try to put the puzzle together, showing that this gentle loving man could not of killed those children. Instead he was just trying to save them when he was caught holding the blood-infested heads in his hand.
Both of these movies involved an African -- American being an innocent inmate and struggling to understand why this is happening to them. These two movies also were similar to "Final Justice". The styles though were all different, allowing us not to predict the same conclusion. I think the directors did an excellent job with these movies, especially with the way society is, people are getting threatened daily by the opposite race for making movies that show the truth about a story. That is why I chose "The Hurricane" and "The Green Mile" as my two favorite movies.
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