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Specific Purpose: My specific purpose is to get and keep the attention of the audience while informing them with helpful information.

Thesis Statement: I would like to share some positive and negative effects on taking G.H.B., and I want you to be informed if you decide to take G.H.B. while receiving an "A" for my speech.

I. What G.H.B. is:
G.H.B. is the abbreviation for Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. G.H.B. is naturally occurring in the body, it is a 4-carbon compound. G.H.B. is described as being a neurotransmitter and as a regulator of energy metabolism. When it was first synthesized in 1960 it was for medical purposes, it was used as an anesthetic due to its capacity to rapidly induce a deep coma with only minor cardiovascular and respiratory depressant effects.

II What is in G.H.B.
G.H.B. generally comes in pure powder form which is then mixed with water. G.H.B. can also be made by mixing three main ingredients which are NaOH, Gamma Butyrolactone and pure Ethanol. The reason that G.H.B. was only administered for such a short period of to patients was because it tends to cause seizure like activity, along with muscle spasms and lack of memory.

I would like to share some history along with positive and negative effects on taking G.H.B., and I want you to be informed if you decide to take G.H.B.

I. Positive Effects of Taking G.H.B.:
G.H.B. is still used as an anesthetic in Europe for alcohol and opiate addiction therapy, and for narcolepsy therapy. Some positive effects of taking G.H.B. is that it acts as a fat burner and a growth hormone promoter. When taken correctly G.H.B. has shown to increase growth hormone 9 to 16% within 30 to 60 minutes after intravenous administration of 2.5 grams. And the increase was still at 7% after 120 minutes. G.H.B. tends to make people feel euphoria without waking up with symptoms you would receive from taking other drugs or drinking alcohol. G.H.B. was also used to induce sleep. In the 1980's G.H.B. was reintroduced to the public and received alot of attention. You used to be able to find G.H.B. in health food stores, gyms, and by mail-order. But instead of being called G.H.B. it was called things like Renewtrient, Blue Nitro, and Fire Water to name a few.

II. Negative Effects of Taking G.H.B.:
Some negative effects of consuming G.H.B. for women is that as I just stated G.H.B. is a growth hormone promoter and after long enough abuse of this drug, females are susceptible to male characteristics, like a deeper voice and an enlarged clitoris.

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Negative effects on both men and women over a long period of abuse is permanent nerve damage. Another harmful effect of taking G.H.B. in large doses is lack of bladder control, cardiac and respiratory depression. Another negative aspect of G.H.B. is that it is easily undetected when administered into a drink. That is why G.H.B. is also known as a "Date Rape" drug. Because it quickly delays functions and blurs perception when given to an unknown drinker.
I. The Decision to Take or Pass on G.H.B.
In conclusion if someone is deciding to take G.H.B. he or she must consider the positive and negative aspects of this drug. If you are a male and trying
to boost up your growth hormone level in order to become more muscular, or if
you are taking it to go out and have a good time. Either way it is very important to
look at all the effects and determine if it is a risk to take or not.
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