Does Feminism Really Work?

Does Feminism Really Work?

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Does Feminism Really Work?

Equality -- that's all we want. Women of the past fought long and hard for equal rights. Now that they have it, did they get more than what they bargained for? Feminism has fought for equality of the sexes for years, and has succeeded with incredible outcome. Women are now allowed to vote, hold public office and serve in the military. However, does the aftermath of feminism bode well for all women? The solution that was to be the salvation of sexual discrimination is now placing unnecessary burdens on women and men.
Now that women are allowed in the workplace, who is to stay in the home and raise children? Who is to be the keeper of the house? Feminists believe that males are just as capable of such tasks as are women. This may be true, but only to a certain extent. A male, for instance, cannot breast-feed an infant because men and women are -- quite obviously -- biologically different. Women birth children, and would thus be given the natural abilities required to undergo such a task as well as necessary attributes needed to care for that which is created. Many men simply do not possess the nurturing qualities that most women do. A man may be more prone to outbursts of anger or impatience than would a mother -- women tend to be more patient with their children. Men, as they are generated by society, are more harsh and powerful than are women. These attributes are held over into the home and even into - in many cases - the philosophies of rearing a child.
If a child is lucky enough to have two parents that are still together, yet unfortunate enough to have both of those parents work, whith whom does the child grow? Who teaches morals? To whom does a child look up to? How closely related do they feel to their parents who leave them with a sitter or playgroup everyday? In her essay The "Failure of Feminism", Kay Ebeling states, "You don't need a family structure to raise your children. We packed them off to day-care centers where they could get their nurturing from professionals" (Ebeling, 361). After ten or twelve years is your child really yours? S/he has been influenced for years by people not even in your family, and may not have been raised with the standards you would have used.

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Biologically and legally, your child is yours, but is s/he really? All this can do is cause for the degeneration of our modern day family structure. Children do not feel as close to their parents as they have in the past. Children do not treat their parents with the same respect as did children of the past -- they know no faith. This lack of family involvement and warmth grows as children grow. Later in life, they may see fit to do the same to their children and perhaps to their husbands and/or wives. This simply lowers the quality of the society in which we live. What are people with no faith, no morals, and no love? Are they people at all?
In addition to the improper rearing of a child, unemployment has been affected by women in the workforce. Now that women are taking over jobs traditionally held by men, those men are out of jobs. This adds to our country's unemployment rate. The liberation of women has alleviated the strain placed on men as well. Now men are free to come and go as they please, save and spend what they wish, and bear loyalty to no one. "To me feminism has backfired against women." "Today I see feminism as the Great Experiment That Failed" (Ebeling, 361) and Mrs. Ebeling couldn't be more correct. Feminism has not only struck out against men and women, but children and society as well. Unemployment, no family structure, no loyalty, degradation of society -- these all seem to be things which we fight against should they stand individually, but should they stand collectively under one name -- feminism -- we support it whole-heartedly.
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