The Opposition of Abortion

The Opposition of Abortion

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The Opposition of Abortion

We, human beings, are social animals, which can not live alone. We all must live in a group because each of us depends on each other. Not only that, living in a group, you need to have rules and regulations in order to keep social stabilities and orders. There are many kinds of rules and regulations, some result in physical punishment and some result in social punishment in the form of peer disapproval. Where do they come from? In fact, they came from the decisions made by the majority of people in the society. There are some actions that result in various punishments and an example of this kind of punishment is abortion.
The meaning of abortion is very obvious, abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth, and it causes the embryo or fetus to die. Abortion has been a topic of argument for very long time. People disagree on two basic questions. The first question is whether the law should permit a woman to have an abortion or not and, if is so, in what circumstance. The other is whether the law should protect the unborn.
Arguments against abortion are generally based on humanity, on the belief that an abortion is the iniquitous killing of an unborn child. The groups of people who are against abortion believe that the life begins as soon as the egg is fertilized with the sperm. Therefore, it is like murdering an innocent life in a mother's womb. They think that the human embryos should have the right to live and experience this wonderful world.
Arguments for abortion, many people would allow abortion in only some circumstances. Some of the approval, a woman's life or health is endangered by the pregnancy for example if the woman has serious heart attack; doctor will not allow her to deliver the baby. Other find abortion permissible like when the medical tests are predicted that the child will has short life or born with a serious physical problem. Some people think that the woman should have an abortion, when she was raped and accidentally get pregnant. Imagine that motorcycle riders raped your daughter and get pregnant, would you, as her father, like to keep that child. Others believe that a woman should have right to an abortion, which I think it is the most important, especially when the family can't support the additional member.

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It is very non-sense to have a child when you can not take care of him to become a qualify person with the best of your ability.
In my opinion, abortion is not the right solution for solving the problem, on the contrary, preventing the pregnancy is the thing that women should concern. If she know that her body can not give birth to a child, then she should find the way to control the birth by using condoms or takes contraceptives every time she has sexual activities. Knowing that walking alone in the dark street may end up with rape, then she should take at least three or more friends with her when it is necessary to pass the dark road or take self-protection devices in the handbag all the time.
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