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Old Person Trip

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Old Person Trip

The people that will be able to participate will be those who have the ability to use a fishing rod. The pontoon boat that will be used will be wheelchair accessible for those who are inclined to be in one. As far as the psychomotor domain goes, the participants need to be in fair to good condition so that they are able to withstand the boat ride, both physically and mentally, and also to be able to reel in the fish. For the cognitive domain, the people will need to be aware in case they have a fish on the line. They must also be able to know boat safety rules that they are taught prior to boarding the boat, along with the ability to identify the type of fish that they capture.
There will be a variety of sponsors that will be involved in this program. The initial boat(s) will be supplied to the company by JK Associates. Later boats will be, at that time, donated by Skipper Bud's. The AARP's sponsorship will involve one of their volunteers helping out with the fishing trips. The Wisconsin DNR will be donating information as to rules, regulations, and any other background information that will be useful. Kraft and Oscar Meyer will be supplying some of the snacks and lunchmeats that will go into the afternoon lunch. There will be a partial donation of fishing poles and bait/lures that will be given by Gander Mountain of Brookfield. Any other supplies or materials will be privately donated.
The purpose of this activity is to get the elderly out of their living quarters and help them to relax and put them into a social setting to interact with others. Getting them out of their homes will enable the people to get some fresh air, mixed with a little bit of sunlight, and just the chance to get back near the water. Sitting on the boat will help the people relax and get their minds off of their same daily activities. Interacting with others that they are not acquainted will give them new things to talk about, maybe rekindling some good old memories.
There are a few modifications that might need to be put into program to simplify the activity. One modification that could possibly be made is to get all lightweight poles in the inventory.

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The pole and reel handles could also be enlarged for those that are unable to grip small things. Pole holders might also be a wise investment to put onto the boat, so that the people will not have to hold to poles when bobbing for fish. Neon, or other varying colors, could be used on the fishing line, in the case that the participate has either bad sight or are color blind. Extra seating or resting accommodations might also be needed in the case that someone needs to lay down and rest.
The Objective of our program is to help the elderly with there physical and mental delemas. We are striving to make the later years of live, more exciting and emotional. When people get old they think that people forget about them, and with our business we will bring in a little extra joy into their lives.
Our program will be staffed by ourselves and one of the volunteers from our sponsor (AARP). We will be on the boat will our participants, along with two or three volenteer staff workers from their living community. We will give personal attention to all of our participants to assure the have the best time possible. The help from our volenteer workers will only be needed if a problem arises with one of the elderly.
The facility requirements that we will need to have to complete our programs will be our boat, a bus to get to the lake, and shelter in case there is any weather problems. We will also need a storage facility in case there is any problems with the bus or the boat. Our boat is a thirty-two foot sun tracker deluxe and will be able to hold twenty people. ( the two of us, three volunteers, and fifteen participants. The bus that is need for this must be wheel chair accesable, and must be able to carry at least twenty passangers.
Most of our promotions will be done by us, with a little help from our promotion specialist. We will travel to all of the retirement homes and speek to groups of people. If any of the people have any questions we will talk to them personally. We will also put flyers up in the community so that if there is any elderly people that are in the community and not the home will be give the same opportunities. Another for of promotion that we may take is that of the electronic media. The elderly watch a lot of television, so we might run a commercial or two.
Our program's budget do not involve to many expences. Most of our money is spent on gas, food, bait, and repairs. Our price for our speciality tours is so cheep because we also do commercial fishing tours. Because these speciality tour are just our way of giving back to the community, we feel that we don't need to charge regular commercial fishing prices. Because of our large sponsorships, our expenses that are incurred only include:
· Three dollars for each lunch
· Between fifteen and twenty dollars for bait, depending on amount of participants
· About twelve dollars per trip for gas and oil
· Repairs/fixings that arise
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