Interview about the Great Depression

Interview about the Great Depression

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When were you born?
March 6, 1924

How did the Great Depression affect your life (childhood) at the time?

Didn't know we were poor
Had to wait for things

During the Depression, where did you live? How was that geographic area affected by the Depression?

Lived in Queens, NY
Everyone was the same
Only people that had more were civil service employees

When did your family or community first feel the economic impact of the Depression?

By 1933
Had some money
It was all used up
Father lost job, knitting mill

How was the school in your community affected by the Depression?

Not at all

What did you do for entertainment during the Depression?

Summer school, crafts
Radio Little Orphan Annie
Movies one day a week 10 cents
Good times…not aware we were poor, everyone was
Good children…. mother said no listened
Religion helped

Movies were like fairytales…good always won,
On Friday nights…dish night…. paid 25 cents…got free dish
Depression glass

How did your life change when the Depression was over?

By time it was over going into WWII
Things were better by 1939
Could get work by 1939
Manager grocery
Mother worked for a doctor as a housekeeper

How does the Depression continue to affect your present life?

Never wasteful
Don't waste food
Respect money more
Little child today will get money…. knew there was no money
Depression mentality
Loves giving things away
Donations at church

Husband- mother truant officer…. went around to find children out of school, worked for board of ed, steady salary, widow 3 children, much easier time, new clothes,

How did you get to school during the Great Depression?

Always within reasonable

What groups did you feel most sorry for?
Some families that they knew were on relief like welfare

Did you know anyone who worked for one of the federal programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps?
Knew of them…only 9 didn't know

What did you usually eat during a day?

Ate 3 times a day
Didn't go into icebox
Come home from school n have peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwiches
Rice crispies or oatmeal
Wonderful life, happy children
Mother and father didn't share problems
Didn't get a lot of new things
At Easter…great time, new shoes put nice new ribbon on straw hat
Very little 7, mother couldn't afford to buy a new doll…mother would wash dolls n buy one new dress

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Pleated skirt in brown…15, for Christmas,

What was your opinion of President Roosevelt and his New Deal?

-My father, mother thought he was wonderful, CCC, NRA, WPA, beautiful parkas put together
-Everyone loved him except republicans
-Father had a lot of hopes for Roosevelt

What was your opinion of President Hoover?
People didn't like him…. Thought he caused them to be poor
2day- came at the wrong time
Blamed him for it
Took too long to react

Man who father worked for helped them out gave them first turkey for thanksgiving
People gave clothes to mother

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