European Dictatorship

European Dictatorship

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European Dictatorship

Goldhagen builds up his argument not on proofs but on speculations. "Who doubts that the Argentine or Chilean murderers of who opposed the recent authoritarian regimes thought that their victims deserved to die? (…) Why do we not believe the same for the German perpetrators?" (p. 14-15). There are several examples that show that Goldhagen's way of putting "facts" in sentences, rather than the actual proofs persuade the reader. He is describing ordinary germans as "potential willing mass killers" (p. 15), who HAD a choice whether to continue what THEY did or not. He forgets about the fact, that only about 10 % of the Germans were actually involved in the Holocaust, the massive slaughtering of the jews. People who served the army were concerned about their motherland's victory rather than about killing all the jews in Germany. It is true to some extend, that the deeds of soldiers in Poland, for example, are not understandable, just as it is hardly believable, that russian soldiers killed hundreds of germans, who tried to escape to the west after the second World War, did it because they "had orders". There is a whole mystery about why people killed so many people (not only jews, but also homosexuals and simply every person with non-german origin); how people who were able and willing to let the gas into the gas chambers during the day, could sleep at night. It seems, however, as if Goldhagen (the name sounds jewish to me) would have approached the theme with the clear goal to sue all germans in general for the holocaust. The wife of the SS-officer, who had to feed 2 children, as well as the Christian who struggled between maintaining christian morals and obeying Hitler's terror. I believe, that Goldhagen goes way to far with his statement. I have written a 60 pages research about the Church during the Nazi regiment. I have found lots of proof about Christians, who tried to oppose the Nazis, made secret alliances with foreign gorvernments (also with the USA), but, however, on the long run, couldn't succeed, given the overwhelming fear of the Regime.

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It is sad and disappointing, to have to live with the belief of many people, that my ancestors were responsible for the holocaust. I believe that many people who have read Goldhagen's piece trust in it and consequently accuse every ORDINARY GERMAN of being a Nazi. Some people just are that narrow-minded, that they don't approach the problem from a historical-critical belief, means, see the events in their historical context.
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