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Sueleman was a Sultan from 1520 untill 1566. He was a very fair and just ruler, at

least to his loyal subjects. He also was a great military ruler, and was loved by his army.

He had a brilliant mind, and the Ottoman Empire greatly benefited from it. Sueleman

was a great, perfectly rounded ruler.

Sueleman, also called "Sueleman the Lawgiver", came after his father, Suelim, also

known as "Suelim the Grim" by his subjects. Suelim the Grim was very cruel to his

subjects, as well as his enemies. Sueleman, however, was not. He told his subjects that

he would be fair and kind to them as long as they pledged their never-ending trust to him.

The people respected their new ruler, and the respect was mutual. Sueleman was very

good to them. However, those who didn't pledge their loyalty to him were dealt with

swiftly and painfully. Sueleman was truely loved by his subjects. One reason for this

was that they had just been through having "Suelim the Grim", Sueleman's father, as a

ruler, and were desperate for a fair ruler. Sueleman was just that.

Sueleman was a superb military ruler. He was educated by the most intelligent

scholars of the time. He also learned military tactics from his father, Suelim. He applied

everything that he was taught to military tactics and his style of ruling. He understood

that people are more productive if they are happy, and they are happy only if they have a

good ruler. He had a big army, and was very productive with it. He succeeded where his

father, and others, had failed. He was one of the greatest rulers of all time.

Sueleman was highly educated. He could fluently speak several languages. He was

educated by only the best teachers of his time, as well as by his father. While his normal

teachers taught him reading, writing, arithmetic, reason, and logic, his father taught him

warfare skills. Sueleman learned fighting techniques, battle tactics, and hand-to-hand

combat methods. He greatly benefited from the teachings of his father, but also from his

teachers. If he had not been taught as he was, he wouldn't have been a successful sultan.

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Sueleman was, without a doubt, one of the greatest rulers of all time. He conquered

many lands, and many a people, in just one lifetime. He did however, make some

mistakes. One was believing his slave girlfriend. When she said that the son who was

best suited for the sultan position was claiming to be all-powerful, and being too

ambitious, she was betraying Sueleman and taking advantage of him. He was not doing

so, but Sueleman didn't know that at the time. He called his son to see him, and when

his son got there, Sueleman's guards killed him. This was Sueleman's greatest mistake,

and it haunted him for the rest of his life. With few male heirs to the throne, and none

well-suited for the job since he killed his best son, after Sueleman died his empire fell to

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