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The Nerve

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"Come on you two, they really need us to hurry up and get home before dinner!" Bethany cried. She's such a baby, always worrying about how her mom will punish her next. We had just walked a few blocks from the beach, but we were completely dried off, and we were in a hurry. We stopped at the local A&P. We came to get only one thing, only one thing, for my mother.
"Can't we buy some cookies Rachel", my fat little sister called over to me. She had three huge bags of chocolate chip cookies in her chubby hands. "I'm starving." She drives me nuts.
"No, there's no time for us to contribute to your huge appetite Amy. We have to go, I do not really like the stares that I'm getting." I knew that my new bikini was a little tight but who cares? The only thing I thought would attract attention would be my pale white stomach. Wearing a bathing suit shouldn't really be considered a crime this day in age and I don't know why guys go nuts over it. As soon as we walked into that store the boy at the register was staring at me! What a pervert. Why do they always drool over us? Bethany sure didn't seem to mind, it's too bad she's ugly. That boy was looking at me.
It's an everyday thing. Being stared at. Just because someone is so gorgeous it doesn't mean that you can just sit there and stare at him or her. It's a bathing suit! It's not like I'm naked. Men can be so immature! I'm sure that if a man walked in, right after we left, in just a bathing suit, no one would care.
"Hey Rach, that guy must think you're a goddess or something, he's been following us up and down every aisle," Amy said.
"Maybe it's because you keep picking up all that junk-food crap that we don't need. You make women look bad, pig." I'm usually worse to her, but it's okay, she's my sister. By now the entire store was looking at us. "What is your problem?" I thought in my mind. Women and men alike looked at us as if we were a trio of cheap corner hookers.

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I was starting to get uneasy. Pairs of eyes seemed to be glaring from every possible angle and location. I kind of liked the attention, up until we were in the check out line.
"Hey baby, how's it going today?" The boy at the counter asked. I wasn't going to speak a word to that pervert; he only made my sunburned face even redder with rage. "Nice day for the beach, huh ladies? I really hope you have a great day." He was being too weird. He handled my money like it was gold. Sure, it was in my bathing suit top, but that's no reason for him to loose control of his bladder. The manager came over as I was eagerly waiting for the boy to hurry and finish the transaction.
"Ladies, are you aware that it is very inappropriate for girls your age to be dressed like this?" He was bitter, or perhaps just jealous because he was ugly, just like the boy at the counter. "I'm afraid that we'll just have to give you your money back. You are what give such nice places a horrid name. It's always women. They always ruin the natural order of things." I wanted to hit this guy in the face.
"What did you say sir?" Of course I had to address the old windbag politely, "We really are in a hurry." I wanted to avoid this confrontation.
"Sir, maybe you should just leave them alone." The ugly boy was actually standing up for me.
"Rules are to be enforced young lady, proper attire must always be worn in here!" Now the idiot was starting to shout. Amy and Bethany were acting totally invincible. It figures, dumb girls. I guess that's what old windbag was thinking as well.
"Sir, we came in quickly for one item only!" I was trying to tell the total truth, I was intimidated.
So we were forced to leave. The manager practically dragged us out by our ears. I swear he touched my chest! Dirty old man. Why can't they ever keep their hands and their wandering eyes to themselves? They treated us like we were nothing. Just three invisible beings that happened to be wearing a little less clothing than most people and also happen to have boobs. That's probably about the only thing he saw when he was yelling at me. It had to be, I know for a fact that's what it was. It was the same with the boy at the register. Men! I had never been treated so rudely in my life. We had only stopped in for a few minutes to pick up one thing, and just happened to be dressed "inappropriately". Why must a man determine what kind of clothing I should be wearing? So what!? The nerve of most men!
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