Terrorism: We Must Fight ISIS

Terrorism: We Must Fight ISIS

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The world is at a rough point. ISIS has been taking over Iraq and Syria and no one there has been able to resist the spread. Some people from other countries wish to go fight lethally or non-lethally against the terrorist threat. There are also some that go to fight for ISIS.

Allowing foreign volunteers to fight for the enemy should be recognized as a terrorist action. What should stop them from going to train with terrorists only to go back to their home country and spread terrorism there? The real issue is how countries view what is a terrorist country. A country may revoke a right of citizenship if someone wishes to go fight in a terrorist country. It could also be that the country considers a foreign volunteer to be a samaritan for a cause that they feel passionate enough that they would want to fight and possibly die for. The other part is the human element. It is natural for a human to go to a place and possibly fight for someone else because they feel that they need to help fellow humans with their cause. This reason is why the world sees so many foreigners fighting in countries like Syria and Iraq. This is also why some people go to fight for ISIS.

ISIS is a major problem for Iran. Because we are neighbors to Iraq, we have a greater danger of being invaded. When it comes to volunteers, we have been sending over personnel to train Shia militants to fight ISIS. This effort, however, might not be enough. ISIS keeps growing stronger with its numerous amount of recruits. While others may go to Syria to fight against ISIS, the number is still not enough. Some people may think that we are a source of terrorism, we are not and are trying to fight it. The Sunni jihadists are after us, and we need Shias to fight with us (Byman).

What we need are fighters from other countries to help assist in fighting against ISIS. There have been too many foreigners going to ISIS, women included. In October 2014, there were 4 women alone who tried to go fight for Syria but were arrested (Erlanger). Our problem is that we need the use of foreign volunteers in these armed conflicts because ISIS in Syria and Iraq are both way too close to home, and fearing an attack from them is quite possible.

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The real thing is not that we are already using volunteers to train militias, it’s that we need other countries to also help out to control the threat.

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