Free College Admissions Essays: The First to Attend a University

Free College Admissions Essays: The First to Attend a University

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The First to Attend a University


My name is Bob Porter and I am a senior at Henry High School. I am the only child of my parents, Debra and Adrian Porter, though my father has three other children. My mother and father divorced four years ago. My father is taking care of me by himself. My mother and father both completed high school, and my mother works as a waitress while my father is a maintenance supervisor. I will be the first to attend a university in my family.


My brother and sister live in Chicago, and my other brother lives next to me. My parents raised me to always do my best in school and anything I was involved in. They raised me in the church and always taught me right from wrong, and to believe in God and that anything is possible.


My career aspirations are to become a Supreme Court Justice. I plan on achieving this by attending a university and majoring in Political Science and minoring in Criminal Justice. Once I have completed my undergraduate courses, I plan on attending law school. After completion of law school, I will become a United States Marshal, where I will work for a few years.


I am a member of the National Honor Society, Trojan Chapter; Ford Student Council and Detroit City-wide Student Council. I am also  a member of Henry Ford Brown Sound in the Motown Marching Band, a Detroit Compact Student, and a Brother of Ikenga (a mentor group).


Some of my community services include participation in the Boy Scouts of America, the Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan (Drug Free Youth In Detroit), Black Family Development, Inc., Focus Hope-Food Drive & Distribution, Arnold Nursing Home Volunteer, Community Newsletter Distribution (New Hope Church), and Focus Hope Walk-A-Thon.


My leadership includes being the Vice President of my senior class.

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I am a representative of my schools' student council, as well as a representative on the Detroit City-Wide Student Council. I am a committee Chairman this year at Michigan Youth In Government. Last year, I was Parliamentarian of the National Honor Society. I am a member of our school clean-up committee. In our school band, I am a section leader. I am also Vice President of the Brothers of Ikenga.

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