A Basketball Workout

A Basketball Workout

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A Basketball Workout
This is only a list of exercises
1) Suggest that you do some light running and stretching.
2) Do some short range shooting for a couple of minutes and concentrate on "form" shooting concentrating on proper shooting mechanics.
Dribbling -- Select a different drill each workout.
1) "Chill" drill --3 right side / 3 left side
2) "Coach Foster" full court dribble series:
a) Do each with right then left hand -- one trip up and down the court for each move.
b) "Rocket" move -- fake one direction, step in that direction, crossover opposite, explode
c) Stutter step, crossover, explode
d) Step back, crossover, explode
e) Spin dribble, explode
f) "Hardaway" move -- between legs, crossover, explode
g) Behind the back, crossover, explode
h) "Pop and drop" move
3) "2 balls" series:
a) Do each move one trip up and down the court
b) Simultaneous
c) Alternating
d) l High and l Low
e) Change hands in front
Shooting -- Use toss-back for set.# l; for sets #2 and #3, spin the ball out to yourself.
1) "Groove your shot" -- make 5 shots from each of the following spots:
a) Left and right top
b) Left and right side
c) Left and right baseline
d) Elbow left and elbow right
2) "Game Shots" -- make 50 three-point shots from each of the following spots in our offense:
a) Left lane line
b) Right lane line
c) Left wing
d) Right wing
3) "Tough Drives"-- make 25 two-foot power lean-ins off a sweep drive from each of the four spots listed above.
Post Scoring Moves
1) From a mid-post position with a toss-back at the wing (or with a teammate as a passer) make 5 shots from each side using the following moves:
a) Baseline drop-step, 1 dribble, lean-in
b) Middle drop-step, 1 dribble, lean-in
c) Baseline drop-step, 1 dribble, shot fake, lean-in
d) Middle drop-step, jump hook
e) Fake baseline, up-and-under
f) Fake middle, up-and-under
2) "Timing" drills -- 1 set
a) Pogo
b) Two fakes, lean in
c) One fake, cross under
d) Power slide
e) 3 hits on rim and power up
f) Power dunk (or tip)
g) Tip and touch --5 times
Free Throws
1) Make two FT's in-between each shooting set.
2) Anytime you need a breather, go to the FT line and make two more.
3) Make an additional 50 FT's when you are finished as you "warm-down.

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4) For a challenge, do 1 up-and-back in ten seconds for each FT attempt that you need over 50 to make 50.
Final Thoughts
1) Game Shots from Game Spots at Game Speed!
2) Remember: this coming season all players will be interchangeable in our basic offense. The more versatile you can be with your outside and inside skills, the more valuable you will be to our team.
3) Your goal should be to become the best "player" you can become--not just the best "post" or "perimeter" player.
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