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The Green Mile

The name of the book that I read is, The Green Mile. The Green Mile comes in
either the series or one big book. There are six books in the series. The names
Is 1. The Two Dead Girls. 2. The Mouse on the Mile. 3. Coffey's Hands. 4. The
Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix. 5. Night Journey. 6. Coffey on the Mile. The book
is written by Stephen King. The book has 536 pages in it. The Green Mile was
published by Pockets Books.
The main characters in this story Paul Edgecombe, John Coffey, William Wharton,
Eduard Delacroix, Brutus Howell, Dean Stanton, Harry Terwilliger, and Percy
Wetmore. There are many other characters, but they aren't quite as important to
the story and aren't mentioned as often. Paul Edgecombe is in charge of all the
inmates in the E Block. The author never really says what Paul looks like.
John Coffey is a huge black man. He is about six foot eight, and was broad in
the shoulders and in the chest, there was muscle everywhere on his body.
William Wharton is crazy. He calls himself Billy the Kid. Billy the Kid was an
outlaw who broke every law imaginable, and was a psycho. He is sort of skinny
and he has brownish colored hair. He tries to kill Dean Stanton with a chain.
Eduard Delacroix is a short, half-bald, Frenchman, who has a "pet" mouse. Del
teaches the mouse to do tricks and things. Brutus Howell, who was nicknamed
Brutal, but wouldn't hurt anything unless he had to, is a bigger man too. He
isn't really stupid, he just can't spell worth two cents. Dean Stanton and
Harry Terwilliger work with Paul, but aren't really a main characters, but they
helps Paul take John to Melinda Moores, who is sick with brain cancer, and they
are mentioned quite a bit throughout the story. Percy Wetmore also works with
Paul and everyone else. No one likes him because he is mean, ugly, and stupid.
He would always yell out stupid things at inappropriate times.
The setting takes place in a state penitentiary called Cold Mountain. The
story also takes place in Paul's home and at the Moores' home. The setting is
essential to the story because of the weather that seems to play a part in the
surroundings of the penitentiary. One outstanding feature of the setting is
that it's in a state penitentiary.

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I've never read a book about something like
that. I thought it was really interesting. I also think it is interesting that
The Green Mile is basically Paul Edgecombe writing a diary about his life on the
In the first part of the book (The two dead girls) it tells about Coffey being
in prison on death row for a crime he supposedly committed. The crime is raping
and killing two young and innocent girls. The names of the two girls that
Coffey killed are Cora and Kathy Detterick. Even though John is a murder, Paul
reaches out his hand to him when he first arrives on the mile. Paul finds this
odd because he has never done it before, but he felt that Coffey was safe
enough. All John would say was that he was sorry and that he tried to take it
back. Coffey meets many people on the mile. One of them is Eduard Delacroix.
Del was on the mile before John got there. The guards find a mouse wondering
around, and they think that it seems really smart. Dean and the other guards
name the mouse Steamboat Willy, which was a name for Mickey Mouse. Del finds
the mouse, and teaches it to do tricks. Del says that the mouse whispered his
name into his ear. The mouse tells Del that his name is Mr. Jingles. In this
part also Paul has a urinary infection (this plays an important part in the
story later).
In the second part of the story Paul talks about how his life is different now
that his is in a nursing home. He also mentions a guy that reminds him of
Percy Wetmore. His name is Brad Dolan. He his constantly nagging Paul about
everything and anything he can. Even though Paul is different from everyone
else in Georgia Pines, he meets a friend named Elaine Connelly. In a few days
Paul gets the DOE (date of execution) papers from Curtis Anderson (Paul's boss).
It says that Arlen Bitterbuck was to be executed in two days, on October 25.
They have to have a run through of each execution before the real date, and in
this one, Toot-Toot, who is a man who sells food and drinks to the prison
guards, makes jokes during the whole thing and it kind of upsets Paul. He gets
upset because he doesn't want someone to remember the jokes during the real
thing and start laughing. One thing that Toot-Toot says that really bothers
Paul is, "Now I'm fryin! Fryin! Fryyyin! Geeeaah! I'm a done tom turkey."
The jokes didn't bother anyone during this execution, everything went okay. A
couple hours later Percy picks a fight with Delacroix, and Del hates him for the
rest of his stay on the mile. Percy tries to make up with him and gets him some
lining for the cigar box that his mouse sleeps in. The next morning Paul wakes
up and goes to the bathroom, his infection is getting so bad that feel over onto
the ground. He said it was the most excruciating pain of his life, except for
when he passed a gallstone in 1956. This was also the day the William Wharton
was expected on the mile. While they are taking him to his cell, he reaches out
and chokes Dean with his chain (which was too long). Percy just stood there and
watched as Wild Bill choked Dean with the chain. All of the other guards get
very upset with Percy again.
The next part of the story is called Coffey's Hands. During this part, Paul
thinks he see's William Wharton in the nursing home. He is really frightened by
it, but Elaine calms him down. After that John Coffey tells Paul that he needs
to see him. He makes Paul come into the cell, which Paul can't believe he
actually does, but again, he feels safe enough to do so. John puts his hand on
Paul's crotch and Paul tries to tell him to move his hand, but John won't let
go says I just want to help. A jolt went through Paul's body and it made him
jerk and think of Old Toot shouting that he was frying and that he was a done
tom turkey. Then all of a sudden it was over, and so was his urinary infection.
Then John starts gagging and he opened his mouth and out came a cloud of tiny
black insects that looked like gnats. The swirled around in the air and then
turned white. When Paul asked John what he did, all John said was, "Helped. I
helped it, didn't ?"
The next day Paul goes to Trapingus County. He goes there to find information
about that crime that John Coffey committed. Someone there tells him someone
who was there when they found John with the bloody, naked girls in each of his
huge arms. The guy Paul goes to talk to is named Hammersmith. He tells Paul
that even if someone else did kill Cora and Kathy that they'd think Coffey did
it because he's black and the twin girls where white, but he tells Paul that he
thinks Coffey did it, no doubt about it.
Paul's boss Hal Moores' wife came back from the hospital and Paul and his wife
Janice went to visit them. At some point during the night Janice says she feel
Sorry for Melinda and that it's a shame that there's nothing anyone can do to
Help her. All Paul can think about is John saying, "I helped it, didn't I?"
The next time Paul goes to work they have to practice for Dale's execution. The
Practice went better than Paul had expected. He put Percy out front so all
Percy would have to do was wet the sponge, place it under the cap, and then roll
him. After the practice Percy makes everyone mad at him again, and when he goes
walking down the aisle Wharton jumped off his bed and grabbed him and choked him
and told him we have sweet like a girl and then kissed his ear. Percy got away
and he was standing on the other side of the aisle catching his breathe when
Delacroix started yelling, "Look it him, he done piss in his pants! Look at what
the big man done! Bus' other people wid 'is stick, mais oui some mauvais homme,
but when someone touch him, he make water in 'is pants jus' like a baby."
The night before Dale's execution was hotter and muggier than Paul could ever
imagine. It was thundering and lighting outside too. Del talks to Paul and
says he's worried about what'll happen to Mr. Jingles when he's gone. Paul and
Brutal tell him that there's a mouse circus in Tallahassee where people will pay
to see Mr. Jingles do his tricks. While they're talking about this Percy comes
and steps on Mr. Jingles and breaks his back. Then the story goes back to Paul
in Georgia Pines and he is going to take a walk when Brad Dolan catches him and
yells at him and makes fun of him. He tells him his mind is gone and that he's
too old to take a walk, and a bunch of other mean stuff. Elaine comes in and
tells Brad to mind his own business because she's got a grandson who's on the
Supreme Court and she'll talk to him about Brad and then he'll be out of a job.
Brad leaves, and the story goes back to 1932. John tells Paul to give him the
mouse while there's still time. Paul picked up the mouse and gave it to John.
John inhaled and Mr. Jingles' tail started to move again. John started gagging
and out came the "bugs" again. Mr. Jingles was okay but he walked with a limp.
Later on that night was the time for Dale's execution, when Del saw Percy was the
one out front he screamed that he didn't want to go if Percy was out front.
Percy told Del that Mr. Jingles wasn't going to Mouse Ville and Del got very
upset. Percy was supposed to wet a sponge and put it in the cap that goes on
Dale's head, but he didn't wet it. Dale's face started on fire and everything
started burning. The smell was awful. The mask over his face burnt away and
they could see his eyes, which were just gobs of white, filmy jelly, that had
been blown out of their sockets and landed on his cheeks. Everything started to
burn and turn black. Paul thought of Old Toot-Toot saying, "Look at me! I'm
frying now!" Paul talks to Percy after that and tells him that he has to apply
for a transfer right away and call in sick every day until the transfer comes.
That night after Paul went home and told Janice the story about what had
happened that day, he had a dream. In the dream, Paul plays back the scene with
John and the girls and the police. John said he was sorry and he tried to take
it back. This time, Paul understood what John meant. Paul had everyone over at
his house and told them his plan. His plan was to take John to Melinda Moores
because she was sick and dying. He needed help so he talked to the other
guards. One of the guys asks Paul how he knows that John didn't do it, and Paul
tells them it's because of his shoe. John's lunch was tied the day that he
tried to save the Detterick twins, and when Paul gave John his shoe John
couldn't tie it. Everyone thought that John had give the sausages in his lunch
to the Detterick's dogs to keep them from barking, but John couldn't retie his
lunch, so he must have been innocent. Plus there were two dogs that tried to go
another way from where the police found John with the girls. Those two dogs
were coon dogs. They were catching the killer, and the other dogs were chasing
the girls. The man controlling the dogs made the other dogs go backwards and
they followed the other dogs. No one understood that, until Paul said it. They
all decide that John is innocent and that they should take him to Melinda.
Everyone agrees that Dean should stay behind because his kids are still young
and no one wants him to become unemployed.
Later on that night they start to go through the plan. They give Wild Bill a
drink with so much stuff in it that he should pass out and not notice what's
going on. They take Percy into the restraint room and put a straightjacket on
him. They tell him that it is his punishment for doing that to Del. Then they
go to John's cell and tell him it's time to go for a ride. They take him out of
the jail and they "act" out a scene that Paul made up. They make it seem like
Dean tries to stop them from leaving and putting Percy into the restraint room.
While they are leaving Wharton grabs John's arm and John remembers him from
somewhere. Wharton is the one who killed the Detterick twins. They manage to
sneak out without getting caught, and they finally get to the Moores' home. Hal
Moores threatens to shoot John because he doesn't understand what's going on.
Paul tries to talk, but he can't, so Brutal pipes up and starts telling him
what's going on. Hal doesn't understand or believe him, but John walks right
past him and Paul takes Hal's gun away from him. Melinda starts swearing up a
storm because her tumor has caused her to get Tourettes Syndrome. John kisses
her and takes out all the bad stuff that's hurting her, but this time he doesn't
spit out the bugs. John starts coughing and gagging, and everyone thinks he's
dying. He keeps coughing the whole way back to Cold Mountain. John can hardly
make it back into the door that they had to crawl out of. They get back safely
and they left Percy out of the restraint room. Then Coffey gets a hold of Percy
and lets all the "bugs" out into him. Percy starts to cough and then he takes
his gun and shoots Wharton. Wharton never got to walk the mile.
Later on, Paul talks to John and tells him that he can prove him innocent, but
John wants to go. He says he can't take all the pain and hearing everyone
screaming for help. He's tired of never having a buddy to walk with, tired of
wanting to help, but not being able to. He says he wants to go because he can't
end all the pain. John touches him and it gives him a sudden feeling of being
in a dream.
Paul lets Elaine read the story and asks him how old he is because it seems
like he had two children old enough to have moved away, and that would mean if
he's eighty like she thought he was, he'd gotten married when he was eleven. He
told her he was forty when John Coffey walked the mile, so that would make him
about one hundred and four years old. Ever since John touched him he'd hardly
ever gotten sick and almost nothing could hurt him. Paul takes her for a walk
and he shows her Mr. Jingles. Paul throws the spool and Mr. Jingles runs to get
it again. Brad finds them and tells them that they're in a love nest and that
they're probably having a beer. Brad goes to kill Mr. Jingles, but Mr. Jingles
died anyways.
Then it goes back to 1956 were Paul and Janice were going to Florida on a bus
to see their third grandchild graduate, when there was a terrible accident.
Janice was electrocuted. Paul could have sworn he saw John Coffey just standing
They're watching, but not helping. Janice died in his arms.
The climax of the story is when they are trying to sneak John back into Cold
Mountain because you don't know if they're going to make it or not, and then the
story gets less exciting after that.
I think the theme or main idea of the story is that there is a lot of pain in
the world and one person can't fix it all. No one person has enough power to
take away all the pain in the world. There's just too much.
I liked the book because it was really good, and I wanted to see the movie, but
never got a chance to. I liked how it was just a flashback and it was a sort of
like a diary of everything that happened in his life. I think the book was
really well written, and I would recommend it to anyone.
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