Noras Life After Leaving Helmer In The Play The Dolls House

Noras Life After Leaving Helmer In The Play The Dolls House

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Noras Life After Leaving Helmer In The Play The Dolls House

Immediately after leaving Helmer and the children, I rushed to see if Dr. rank had made it home okay, before going on to Mrs. Linde's house. When I arrived at Dr. Ranks he was sitting on the steps outside. Startled by my presence I approached him calmly. I started to tell him about Helmer and I, and his eyes filled with excitement. I told him I was on my way to Mrs. Linde's for the evening, but wanted to make sure he was well being because of the note he had left at the house. he stood up and said he was fine now, you must run along now. I proceeded ont o Mrs.. Linde's house. Upon arrival there I spied Krogstad and Mrs. Linde outside her door. I approached both with extreme caution. Krogstad jumped with surprise. he asked why I was her, he stated I should be home with my husband making up since he sent the second letter. I then proceeded to tell them both that I had left Helmer and the children. I stated to them that I needed to find myself and discover where I was headed with my life.

The next morning I quickly gathered my things at Mrs. Linde's and headed out of town. My plan was to adventure out on my own and find who a really am. I traveled to Connecticut where I made my home for the remainder of my life. I took on a job at a sewing company. I found a huge apartment, which was as big as a house. I moved here for it was close to my work and I didn't have to walk far. Every once in awhile I would call the children and check and see how they were doing.

About a year and half after I left helmer became very ill again. He asked for me to come care for him, but he no longer was in my heart. How ever I did agree to take the children and watch after them while he battled his sickness. Anne-Marie acame with the children along with Dr. Rank.

I was really surprised to see Dr. Rank when they all arrived. When the children came in , the youngest stated, "Dr.

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Rank has something to ask you mommy." Later that evening Dr. Rank and I went for an evening stroll through the park.

Taking my hand as we sat on a bench looking out onto the water, he stated how much he loved and for how long he as loved me. He asked for my hand in marriage. I told him I felt the same way, but I had no desire to move back to Massachusetts. He agreed with my statement telling me he has already set up his practice here in town and planned on moving here.

I felt like my life had come together like I always planned it would. Two weeks after the children arrived I received word that Helmer had passed. I packed the kids up and we headed back to Massachusetts to make funeral arrangements.

After the funeral I sold the house and the money I received was a great deal. In Helmer's will he had left his position at the bank to Ivar our oldest. Ivar was still to young , it was agreed that Krogstad and Mrs. Linde would run the bank until Ivar was old enough to take over.

The children and I went back to Connecticut to live. I married Dr. Rank six months later. I had finally got my dignity and responsibility back for myself and I was able to be a real mother for my children.
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