Carrie's Revenge in Steven King's Carrie

Carrie's Revenge in Steven King's Carrie

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Carrie's Revenge in Steven King's Carrie

The novel Carrie is about the chilling story of a girl and her power.
Carrie White possessed a phenomenon, known as telekinesis, the
movement of objects by scientifically inexplicable means, as by the exercise
of an occult power. Carrie begins flexing her phenomenon and unleashes
her frightening power upon a small new England town for revenge.
The novel Carrie; by Steven King Starts off with old news reports
stating how stones fell principally on the home of Mrs. Margaret White who
lives with her 3 year old daughter, Carietta. The novel jumps around to the
past, present, and future. Trying to let the reader get the full
comprehension of Carrie White, and her gift of telekinesis.
Carrie is portrayed through out the book as an outsider. Someone
who looks in from the outside. Trying to fit in with her class mates at
school. Carrie the one who never laughed at jokes but was the joke.
To her mom Margaret, everything was sinful and of the devil. It was
always same routine; come home eat sew and get pushed into her prayer
closet which was the size of 3ft x 3 ft. If she even gave a simple opinion.
From this to the kids at school Carrie was overwhelmed caring
burdens no child should carry. So she began flexing her power making it
grows stronger. Starting with small things like marbles dancing in air
looking and unlocking doors, ash trays throw into the air, overheads lights
These were minor things that would climax to bigger & better things
for Carrie. Chris Hargensen was the popular one who would start things up
that would wined up to wondering Carrie. Chris is was the one who started
throwing tampons and pads at Carrie in the shower. Carrie had started her
period and was so naive and innocent she though she was bleeding to
death. The lack that her mom did not tell her such things that happen
when you become a women.
Chris was barred to go to the prom which left Chris vowing for
vengeance. Chris’ friend Sue felt sorry for participating in such a cruel act
to another student that she asked her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to
the prom. So she could at least fit in.
This would be the perfect revenge for Chris. So she made
arrangements with her bad boyfriend Bill Nolan to take the pigs blood in
buckets and set it up above where the King and Queen would stand to get

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crowned, leaving Carrie drenched in blood mortified and the crowd laughing.
Well all goes as planned except when the students at the prom take a
vote twice and finally came up with Carrie and Tommy as King and Queen.
They go up there on stage and they get crowned all right with a bucket full
of blood. The look on Carrie’s face was like that of a cartoon character so
the whole auditorium of students laughed out loud. Carrie could not take
no more of being the joke so she runs out but trips on the way and runs
outside. Once she reaches outsides she realizes she has a weapon no one
can run from. A weapon of total destruction. Her mind.
She looks inside through the window like an outsider once again.
Anger building up inside she then demonstrates to her fellow students her
weapon of horror. With her mind she locks all the doors in the gym and
makes the sprinklers go off ruining all their wonderful clothes. A fire starts
inside because the water gets on the lights. So she makes the flames jump
on people until the school blows up.
Back at Sue’s house she has this overwhelming feeling that something
is wrong so she decides at 11:00 to leave and check how things are going.
As she’s approaching the school barely a block away she’s thrown back from
the blow up of the school.
Carrie continues to walk home after the blast and on the way she
undoes the caps off the fire hydrants and water goes everywhere. Still
demonstrating her powers she walks by Kelly’s fruit joint where Tommy and
Carrie are suppose to go after the prom and blows it up. KABOOM! Stone
after stone, KABOOM, BOOM,BOOM! Telephone wires falling. The whole
town is under destruction from Carrie’s own mind.
After taking revenge on the whole town she decides to go home and
finish some unfinished business with her mother. She goes inside her
home and her mom explains she should have killed her sooner. Margaret
holds up a knife behind her back and tell her lets pray for the last time.
Carrie begins to get on her knees and her mom pulls the knife from the hole
in the floor and knifes Carrie in the back. Carrie stops it right there and
pushes her mom back and stops the flow of blood in her mother making
her heart stop.
Carrie walks out and just starts wandering. She senses a car and
turns to see Chris and Billy behind the steering wheel, so she flips the car
over blowing it up but the flames happened to jump on Carrie. This was the
last punishment she would see that fits the crime. Carrie had died in the
flames that danced in the night. Sue found her by her keen sense. And Sue
writes a book about how she survived.
The thesis in comparing the novel and film is that in the film Carrie
was skinny makes Carrie look like a dirty secret by making her room in the
attic. Carrie goes to the library to learn none about her gift. It shows the
P.E. teacher friends with her instead of sympathy. The most difference
would have to be the end. in the film they have Carrie go to take a bath.
Carrie desperately tries to get the blood off her like lady Macbeth did.
She calls out to her mom who is hidden behind the attic door.
Margaret tells Carrie about how she use to a sinning woman. They begin to
pray the lord’s prayer, “Our Father who art in heaven...” Stab! the knife
goes through Carries back and is pulled out. Carrie falls down the attic
stairs and is crawling towards her prayer closet. Margret, her mom follows
her with a evil smile. Margaret brings down the knife to finish her
homicidal act of kindness to the world but Carrie makes the kitchen knifes
pinning her mom under the kitchen door way crucifying her like Christ on
the Cross. Knives sticking out of her palms and in her abdomen and chest.
This was a horrifying scene. Carrie cries out “What have I done”, she pulls
her mom into the prayer closet but struggles because mother is pinned to
the doorway. The house falls down and burns like a scene from hell.
The next scene in the movie was my favorite part of all. Sue is
sleeping and she dreams she is walking to the remains of Carries house and
all that does remain is a for sale sign that is graffitied “Carrie White burn in
hell.” Sue bends down and sets flowers underneath the for sale sign and all
of a sudden Carries bloody arms comes out from the earth grabbing Sue as
if to say revenge isn’t over. Sue wakes up screaming and the movie is over.
In conclusion, perhaps that was Carries revenge for Sue to live in
dread of sleeping being haunted forever by Carrie. I guess either way
Carrie won. She got her revenge, but the world goes on. Waiting for the
next Carrie White.

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