The Bullet System as a Production Solution in the Linen Industry

The Bullet System as a Production Solution in the Linen Industry

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The Bullet System as a Production Solution in the Linen Industry


“Linen company A” cleans linens for local hotels and restaurants. The linen company has had a drastic increase in their amounts of work to the point that their labor force is insufficient. To hire more labor is feasible, but they would like to keep from doing this, allowing themselves to save money in the long run. They’re problem is lack of labor, and the want to maximize efficiency in the workplace.


The best solution for the company is to use Automation Dynamics. Automation Dynamics is a company from the Kansas City area that has created and patented many automated counting and sorting systems for the linen industry. They have many various options available for each individual customer. They first visit the linen company and determine which materials will be needed to fulfill the customers’ desires. Then, they are able to give a bid for the customized application. These systems

The backbone of the system is the patented bullet system. This is a system entirely designed by the company. It consists of large motors that create vacuum through 8” pvc, which can move linen at a high rate of speed. Counting bins can also be incorporated into this system.It can perform a number of tasks.
• Move materials
• Sort materials
• Count while sorting
• Weigh material

The biggest benefit of the system is that it eliminates the need for vacuum bins, conveyors, and the personnel needed to run these. So not only will the system keep the labor force from growing, it will actually allow one to eliminate part of the force.

The VCS2000 can be used in conjunction with the bullet system. It is used to fully automate the soil room of a linene company.

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