LAN, MAN and WAN Network Topologies

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LAN, MAN and WAN Network Topologies

There are many different types of network topologies, but the three most common types are LANs, MANs, and WANs. The LAN topology is probably the most common of the three. The MAN and WAN topologies are used but not nearly as much as the LAN topology is, although the WAN is starting to be used more and more because of the growing population of networks.
The LAN (Local Area Network) is used so much because it is used in small areas. Small businesses use LANs a great deal because they are small and they wouldnt need a WAN or a MAN because there business is usually ran out of one or maybe two buildings. You will usually find LANs in buildings, schools, and even in homes at times. Some buildings even have multiple LAN's in them for certain purposes.
When designing the layout of a LAN, the party can choose from a selection of different technologies on which to base the main part of their LAN. The technology choices that the party adopts will be a critical part in the way their LAN performs. Two important LAN setups are a network based on Ethernet or Token Ring technology. Besides operating in a small space, LANs have some other distinctive features. LANs are typically owned, controlled, and managed by a single person or organization.
A WAN (wide area network) goes across large physical distance. Many times a WAN will go almost around most of the world! The most popular WAN is the Internet. The Internet is one big huge WAN and it is also the most used WAN.
A WAN is basically a dispersed collection of LAN's. A network tool called a router connects LAN's to a WAN.
WAN's are different from LANs in many very important ways. Like the Internet, most WAN's are not owned by any one organization but somewhat exist under collective or distributed ownership and management. There are many WAN's in the United States but there are not nearly as many as there are LAN's.
Another very popular network is the WAN (wide area network). A WAN is basically used in to go from building to building across a city. To have make a MAN, the network size has to fall in-between the size of LAN's and WAN's.

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A MAN typically covers an area of between 5 and 50 km diameter. In some cases MAN's may be as small as a group of buildings or as large as the North of Scotland.
Some of the other types of network are: Storage Area Network (SAN), System Area Network (SAN), Server Area Network (SAN), Small Area Network (SAN), Personal Area Network (PAN), Desk Area Network (DAN), Controller Area Network (CAN), and a Cluster Area Network (CAN).
All of these networks are very good networks and they help all business today. There will probably be even more different types of networks that are made up, as the technology world keeps advancing. I think sometime there will be another kind of WAN that will take the current WAN's place. This new one will probably be a lot more efficient and reliable.

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