The Double Standard for The College Athlete

The Double Standard for The College Athlete

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The Double Standard for The College Athlete

In today’s college atmosphere equality is stressed but is there a double standard for the college student/athlete. In the paper I will briefly outline the various ways college athletes are among the chosen ones in the college realm.
The differences are apparent from the beginning. Basically the college athlete is given an open door. When a regular student chooses a college he will apply, pay the app. Fee, and then hope his credentials are good enough. From the athlete’s perspective it is very different they earn their entrance with athletic skill. Athletes are selected they do not hunt for a school. All fees are usually waived and then they are buttered up so they will except the institutions offer. This is just the beginning.
Priority! All student athletes receive priority over the general students. When it comes to housing Athletes are put together and given the newest, sometimes even special separated housing. Then the common student is left to fend for his or her self. The class selection is also given priority. Athletes will be given first pick for the best, easiest, and most sought after classes. The general enrollee will stand in line and fend for themselves were the Athlete just signs and says ok. But in the class is were the fun begins.
Almost all colleges have friendly classes or teachers that understand the stresses of the student athlete that has to practice and study. But they do not understand the young man or woman who works full time and is trying to make a better life for themselves. These teachers are selected by the coaches and ADs as the teaches to have. These friends of the program will make sure that a student is eligible to play. These teachers will also sometimes waive assignments and even allow slacked attendance. Were as when the average Joe misses he will loose credit and not be allowed to make up missed work.
These few examples of favoritism are enough to show that this inconsistent treatment is wrong. According to any College or University this does not happen but just look at any athletic program and talk to the athletes.

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It has been justified buy the revenue that these athletes generate. Presidents, directors, and coaches will say that athletes make the school what it is but that is not true. Miami would still be a good school with out its top football and baseball teams. This treatment is unfair but it will never be eliminated. Athletes will always be favored over normal people. Being a top prospect from Virginia I have experienced both sides.
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