Flag Football of the Deaf

Flag Football of the Deaf

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Flag Football of the Deaf

The United States Flag Football for the Deaf (USFFD) is a member of the United
States of America Deaf Sports Federation as National Sports Organization and also a
member of the United States Flag and Touch League.

Any organization can become member of USFFD and support its cause. All you
have to do is have your organizational flag football team participate in USFFD Super
Bowls. So far, there have been fifteen USFFD Super Bowls and they've been in location
all across the country including New York, California, Washington D.C., New Jersey,
Tennessee, Canada, Texas and Ohio. Super Bowl 16 is going to take place in Austin,
Texas and Super Bowl 17 will be in Madison, Wisconsin. It's really easy to become a
member because all you have to do is call the USFFD secretary, register yourself or your
team, pay your fees and you're in. The fees and dues are determined every year by their
committee. Individuals can either join as a team or as a free agent. In order to participate
in USFFD the athlete must have a hearing loss of at least 55 decibels in their better ear,
and they must provide the secretary of the Association with a copy of his most recent
hearing test, performed by a certified audiologist

The objects of USFFD are to promote and protect the mutual interests of its
members, promote amateur flag football in every way possible throughout the deaf
communities, foster and extend the character and sportsmanship of flag football
participants, stimulate the physical fitness, moral, and cultural education of flag football
participants, and act as the parent organization of the regional and local flag football
organizations; these to be governed by the rules and regulations imposed by the

The rules applied to the USFFD league are the same rules that all United States
flag football leagues adhere to. These rules are legislated by the United States Flag and
Touch Football League (USFTL) as go as follows:
Number of players: Each team should start the game with 7 players, a minimum of 5 is
needed to avoid a forfeit. A player may play on only one team per sport.
Length of game: Playing time will be 40 minutes, two halves of 20 minutes. Half-time
will be 5 minutes long. A coin toss will determine who will receive the choice of
possession or side at the beginning of the game. If only one team is ready to play at game
time, they will automatically have the choice.

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In the case of overtime, there will be a 3-
minute intermission prior to starting overtime.
Mercy rule: If a team is 17 points or more ahead when the Referee announces the
two-minute warning for the second half, the game will be over. If a team scores during the
last two minutes of the second half and that score creates a point differential of 17 or more
points the game will also end at that point.
The flag belt: All shirts must be tucked in, and are not permitted to hang over the flag
belt. Should a player loose their flag belt legally or illegally during a down and should that
player gain possession of a live ball, that player will be considered down when a legal tag
(one hand touched by the defense between the shoulders and knees, including the hand
and arm) is made. When a player scores they must immediately raise their hands and allow
an official to remove their flag belt. This is done to insure that the flag belt has not been
illegally secured. If the belt has been illegally secured the score is disallowed, the player
ejected and a 10 yard Unsportsmanlike
Guarding the flag belt: Runners cannot flag guard by using their hands, arms, or the ball
to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull or remove the flag belt. Flag guarding
includes: swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from
de-flagging, placing the ball in possession over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from
de-flagging or lowering the shoulders in such a manner which flag guards.
Touchdowns = 6 points. Extra points = 1 point if successful from the 3 yard line.
Extra Points = 2 points if successful from the 10 yard line. Safety = 2 points
Defensive Conversion on Extra Point Attempt = 2 points
Some of the teams/organizations who are members of USFFD are the Ohio Deaf
Athletic Foundation, Wisconsin Deaf Sports Club, Chicago Club for the Deaf, Cleveland
Catholic Deaf Center and the Southwest Colligate Institute for the Deaf. All of their
individual websites can be found at the USFFD website for contact information. I found
information on the United States Flag Football of the Deaf at the following websites:
United States Flag Football of the Deaf:



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