Adoption Instead of Abortion

Adoption Instead of Abortion

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Adoption Instead of Abortion

What is a human? A human by definition is a biological being that belongs to the species Homo sapiens that is unique from every other being. Now the question that many people are asking is: “Is a baby that is unborn a human?” Many believe that it is, including me. For one, it has 46 human chromosomes. Another thing is that it is ALIVE, meaning it is growing, developing, maturing, and replacing its own dying cells. However, many people don’t feel that an unborn baby is a human; they do not feel like it is alive. It is every bit alive. I am Pro-Life, and abortions are morally wrong.
There are many people that are Pro-Choice, however, and they base their opinions on that the fetus is not actually alive, just a mass of tissue. They also feel that every child should be a wanted child, and if the mother does not want to have the child, the baby will be unwanted, and an unwanted child will more than likely be abused. They also feel that if abortions are illegal, a woman that gets raped and becomes pregnant will not be able to get help and will be forced to have the child as a remembrance of that horrible situation for the rest of their life. If we outlaw abortions, then back-alley abortion clinics will open again is also a popular belief among Pro-Choice people.
The Pro-Choice people bring up some very good points, but the killing of an innocent human being is unforgivable. It is wrong, and should never be done under any circumstance. Rape should be punished, but a child conceived in this manner should not be killed. Outside abortion clinics are also morally wrong, and should not be open. A constitutional amendment should be passed that gives equal rights to all living human beings, even those that are yet unborn.
A woman who does not want her child, should put the child up for adoption, not have an abortion and not even give the child a chance to live. Adoptions are good things, abortions are not. Abortions do not give children the chance to live. We are killing the child even before the child has a chance to do anything. I mean, if you have an abortion, you could be killing the next Albert Einstein, or even the next Michael Jordan. Give the child the chance to live.

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Abortions are wrong, there is just no other way of putting it. If killing a person that is already born yet alive is wrong, then why is killing an unborn baby that is alive not wrong? It is, and this feeling is shared with many people all around the world. You are killing the child without it getting a chance at life. If you don’t want the baby, go through with the pregnancy, and then give it up for adoption, at least this way, you are giving it a chance to live. You never know whom you could be killing when you have an abortion.

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