Scholarship Application Letter: Speech Pathology

Scholarship Application Letter: Speech Pathology

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Scholarship Application Letter: Speech Pathology

The science field of communication disorders has been of interest to me since my early childhood years. As a toddler, my younger brother Paul suffered forma severe ear infection, which caused him to lose fifty percent of his hearing. Due to this, Paul developed a speech impediment. At the age of seven I was introduced to the communication disorders field when I accompanied my brother for his first speech lesson. I remember observing through a one way mirror as the speech pathologist worked with my brother on pronunciations, syllables and playing phonics games. I recall the session as being fun and enjoyable both for Paul and the speech pathologist. My brother went to numerous sessions after this, and with my curiosity, I also attended. Now at the age of fifteen Paul has no impediment. No one would ever know he once had difficulties speaking. I enjoyed watching these lessons, and as I grew older, my curiosity grew even stronger, which made me investigate this field as a career.
Due to this childhood experience, I have decided that communication disorders is the field I wish to study for my future career. Knowing the difficulty of this field has made my dedication to my academics even stronger. Throughout my four years of high school I have tried to take courses related to the communication disorders and science fields. I have been a hard working student throughout my years of schooling, because one day I hope to have an impact on children's lives the way someone did my brother's.
I am an excellent candidate for the Scholarship because I have proved to be a dedicated and involved student during my High School career. Throughout my four years of high school I have excelled academically and athletically. I have been an extremely busy student. Currently The vice president of my high school, I have obtained the respect of both my peers and faculty. Many of our school functions have been left to my responsibility, such as "Spirit Week", "Senior Week", proms, school dances and more. Besides being one of the leaders of my school, I am also the captain of the Swim Team and have been in charge of many other school and outside related committees, including the Advisory Board which converses with our school committee to discuss ways to make the High a better place.

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Dedicating much of my time to school related activities, has been a wonderful experience. As I further my education, I plan to continue my involvement and further pursue my leadership qualities.
Although I feel I have been an asset to my school, my desire to achieve my dream of becoming a speech pathologist can not be accomplished by dedication and inspiration alone. Being the hard worker that I am will get me far, but in this day and age money is also a necessity. Each college that I have applied and been accepted to, including State University and the University of State requires immense sums of money. I am hoping that a good financial aid package will help defray expenses, but I know that I will need assistance from other organizations to achieve my goal.
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