Analysis of Racism in the Film Novia que te vea

Analysis of Racism in the Film Novia que te vea

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Analysis of Racism in the Film Novia que te vea

Novia que te vea is about two Jewish girls named Oshinica (Oshi) and Rifke that live in Mexico. The movie paints a picture of the Jewish community in the city of Mexico as it tells the story of the struggle of these two girls to find their identities.
The movie starts out with Oshinica (Oshi) and her Sephardic conservative family coming to Mexico from Turkey. Even from the moment they step off the ship, the feeling of not belonging is very obvious. They mainly speak Ladino and are unable to find where they are going in this new, strange place.
When Oshi grows up to be about 17 or 18, she meets Rifke who introduces her to a Zionist Socialist youth movement. As Rifke, Oshi and the other people of the group sit around talking, they talk a great deal about the question of returning to Israel. They feel torn because they are Mexican citizens, but at the same time they are Jewish and Israel is their homeland.
Throughout the entire movie, this torn feeling between their Mexican identity and their Jewish identity is the central theme. As a little girl, Oshi visits a catholic church where she pretends to be catholic and says to herself, "I hope they can't tell I'm a Jew." Similarly, Rifke, as a little girl, demands a Christmas tree and nativity set like all the other kids have.
In addition to the torn feelings they have, they have to deal with the way others in the community treat them. As a little girl, the other kids point at Rifke and chant "Jew, Jew." At an older age, Rifke and Oshi pass by an Easter play. Rifke comments, "This is the reason they don't like us. They portray us to be murderers. But they've never even met me." Throughout the movie, you see the girls' desperate desire to be accepted.
In addition to the harsh feelings shown toward the Jews by the non-Jewish community, this film shows the cold relationship between the different groups of Jews.

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Oshi's family doesn't approve of Oshi being friends with Rifke whose family are intellectual European Holocaust refugees.
From this movie, I could feel the struggle for acceptance that the two girls faced from their childhood up to their teens. I could feel their hopelessness and rejection. Even though they were in Mexico City, the film could describe the situation of any Jew living in any place around the world where they are not accepted.
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