The Hidden Side of Hamlet by Shakespeare

The Hidden Side of Hamlet by Shakespeare

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The Hidden Side of Hamlet by Shakespeare

Hidden information in a novel or play is common. The secrets and unknown are what keep a work interesting. But sometimes an author does not reveal his/her true motive or the actual meaning to a hidden article. In Hamlet, Shakespeare conceals ideas and actions to the naked eye. In my paper I will talk about what Hamlet hides. Among other things, Hamlet hides behind his title, his words and feeling, and also he is hidden in some of his actions. I found him to be the shadowed character in this tragedy.
Prince Hamlet is an authoritative figure in Denmark. Although he is no the king, he is adored by the population and respected by the nobility. Because of this he can get away with more than the average person. In this way he hides behind his title when he carries out some of his actions. He knows that nothing can be done to harm him because he is a prince. He uses this when he kills Polonius. There is also another more concrete hidden there.
While in the chamber with his mother, Hamlet here's a rustling behind the arras. He thinks nothing but to plunge his rapier into the flowing fabric. He kills Polonius who is obscured by the curtain. Then I thought of an interesting point. The only reason he was able to kill him was because he was behind the drapery. Hamlet could have murdered before this but never did. I think the veil that was placed in front of him gave him the courage to act out upon his feelings. Hamlet also has a way of saying what he does not want to say directly.
An educated man, Hamlet is generally more intelligent than the rest that reside in the castle. When he speaks to certain people you see the words he chooses cover up his actual emotions. He also chooses certain words so they can be interpreted in different ways. " A little more than kin and less than kind"(I, ii, 67) is a famous quote from Hamlet. He is saying how he is upset because his uncle is now his father. But, no one else catches on and once again he is masked. Another way he keeps his emotions hidden is through his soliloquy's.

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He keeps his "To be or not to be"(III,i,64) suicidal thoughts in his head. We get to witness these words and see that he keeps his pain and anger hidden in his own mind. There are also some encounters which Hamlet must keep to himself : the appearance of the ghost and the near death of his uncle in the church.
When the ghost first appears to Hamlet he is with others. When he actually speaks to the figure though, he is alone. He learns of the source of his fathers death and that he alone must seek revenge upon the accused. Hamlet must keep what he learned a secret for two reasons. The first is that it is doubtful anyone would believe him and he would lose his credibility within the State. The second is he cannot go about his plans for retribution if anyone has the knowledge he has. So in this way, it is not that the ghost appears only to Hamlet but that Hamlet himself must keep the ghost from everyone else.
Not only does the Prince hide others, he hides himself too.
Near the beginning of this piece, Hamlet is confronted with a problem. This question is whether or not to kill the King in the church or to wait until he will go to hell. But, when Hamlet walks into the church he walks into a secret confession by the King. Hamlet draws his sword, gets ready to strike and then puts it way and slowly and leaves the temple. The idea I was confused about was how the King never heard Hamlet. Churches are quiet, and for Claudius not to hear Hamlets entrance, exit or the drawing of the sword you can see there must be a higher force concealing the truth. Hamlet is once again obscured to Claudius in that church.
You can now see that there are so many hidden elements in Hamlet. These are only the concealed events of one character, Hamlet. Shakespeare is trying to get you to look deeper into this play and explore the darker more covered up side to Hamlet.
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