Deciding between Abortion or Life

Deciding between Abortion or Life

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Deciding between Abortion or Life

"Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy or to bring a fetus to term is by far the most wrenching experience I've ever had. The right to choose is not a luxury; it is a responsibility that demands intense introspection and awareness." S. Boyd
"It is equally as heinous intentionally to kill a human being in existence at fertilization, as to kill a larger pre-born child." Nellie Gray.
There are really two, different, very active abortion questions:
to do nothing, have the baby and raise it herself (hopefully with help from others).
to do nothing, have the baby and give it up for adoption
to have an abortion.
If a woman finds herself pregnant, she should discuss her options with her physician or counselor, and should decide to have an abortion, should the state override her decision and prevent her from having an abortion?
The first decision is a personal one, between the woman, her physician and/or counselor. The second decision is the answere by the U.S. Supreme Court if she has the right to obtain an abortion. It is in this second area where there is a great deal of political activity, at least in the U.S.
In the United States, women choose to end about 25% of their pregnancies through abortion. This number has been gradually declining since 1979. This is similar to the Canadian figure of 21%, but is much lower than that of the former Soviet Union (60%) and Romania (78%) where contraceptives are in short supply.
Opposing beliefs: A social consensus exists among pro-lifers and pro-choicers that when human personhood starts the person must be protected. Many religions, organizations and individuals have passionately held but conflicting beliefs about when this happens. This naturally leads to opposing policies on whether a woman should have access to abortion.

In spite of what the media might say, this struggle cannot be reduced to a simple pro-choice vs. pro-life conflict. There are people within each "side" who take many slightly different positions.
The objectives of both groups are the same: to reduce the number of abortions, and to make any needed abortions safe.

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However, they have very different methods of achieving their goals, and they have seperate beliefs about which abortions are justifiable. They are both unable to cooperate. That is, in their opinion, a pity. With the energy, knowledge and ability that each side has, they could make major reductions in the abortion rate if they were able to collaborate.
Therefore after thorogh research and natural belief, I believe that no one is allowed to have an abortion in any circumstance, no matter what the case maybe.
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