Our Calling in Life

Our Calling in Life

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Our Calling in Life

Everyone has a purpose and a calling in life, and it is our duty to find what that
is. What is my purpose? Why am I here? They were questions that I often asked
myself. We spend most of our lives searching for a purpose, and after we find it, we
spend the rest of our lives fulfilling that purpose. I agree with Fyodor Dostoevsky's
quote: "For the secret of man's being is not only to live... but to live for something
definite." Why live, when you have nothing to really live for? "Without a firm notion of
what he is living for, man will not accept life and would rather destroy himself than
remain on earth." It is very hard as human beings to live and not know our purpose.
However we Christians have an advantage; We know we have a purpose and a
calling from God, and if we stay faithful, God will lead us to that calling. Everybody
wants to find and fulfill a purpose in their lives, we all want to know what we are here to
do and why we are here to do it.
It is very true that we have too much to live with and not enough to live for. Though we are Christians, it is very easy to be distracted by material things, and end up in spiritual poverty.Realizing that our calling from God is our purpose in life brings us one step closer, but now we have to figure out our calling.

If we try to live our lives without searching for or finding what it is God is calling us
to do, we will never experience true joy and peace. Our calling is what God has planned
for our lives, and that is so much greater than anything we could have planned for
ourselves. God calls us to Himself so that everything we are, everything we do, and
everything we have, we dedicate it to Him, and we live our lives in service to Him.
Recognizing who we are not is good in knowing who we are, but it is only the first step
to finding our purpose. If we remain faithful to God and continue to search for our
purpose by answering our call we will fulfil the central purpose in our lives.

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Chapter 2
If we seek to find true spiritual answers we will look beyond our own beliefs and
will be motivated to find answers to our natural longing for a purpose. When we
innitiate our search, we should be cautious of the angles in which we go after our
goals. If we look for material answers, we will not find true satisfaction, because tru
satisfaction comes when we seek God. If we do not desire to find god, we will not find
God. Also, we cannot find God on our own. We need God to seek God. If we desire to
live our lives on our own, we will be hopeless, however if we desire God in our lives, we
will be hopeful.
Chapter 3
When we are born, we are not complete. It takes years of responding to society to
gain the wisdom and strength to grow and mature. We shouldn't search for deep spiritual
answers from other human beings, because only God can give us the true answers of
depth and spirituality. When we find these answers we may come to the conclusion that
we have responsibilities, yet we may not know exactly what it is. Responsibility forms
identity which we all strive to achieve for ourselves. This responsibility is worthless,
unless we are accountable to someone. If we respond to the call, we become responsible
to God, and we stop using all of our own efforts. If we know the depths of our own souls, we will submit to the call and we will gain the responsibility of having an intimate relationship with our creator.


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