UFO Apocalypse Response

UFO Apocalypse Response

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UFO Apocalypse Response

The first recurring theme I found throughout the article was the reason for UFO beliefs. In the middle of this century, we had extreme fear of world destruction due to the Cold War and nuclear threat. Coincidentally, this is about the same time "contactees" started reporting encounters with extraterrestrial beings who brought with them a warming for humanity of eminent worldly destruction due to their weapons of mass catastrophe. To them here is man creates these beliefs in order to respond to the dominating concerns of the times, which in our modern times, is the threat of humanity self-inflicting extermination, by means of catastrophic war time weapons, along with an overall disregard for the well being and survival of our human race. UFO contactees relay messages from ET's explaining an overall evil throughout the planet. This evil stems out of desire for power over others, and lack of compassion for other beings and nature, basically an aura of bad Karma surrounds earth. I also enjoyed explanations of how their human desire for power arises. I may be reading in between the lines too much, searching for my own biased explanation. The underlying factor I found in reading this article, is humans crave power over others and their surrounding world due to insecurity. Since many are not comfortable with them and can't face their utter powerlessness and insignificance in relation to the universe, we use false power and control as a means to apply usefulness and significance. This leads to certain elites gaining control over masses, and using the masses as a threat to other elites, all a grand scheme evoking evil; which is why UFO cults are on the rise, for there is very little sacred righteous though left on earth, leading many to call upon benevolent, enlightened beings of extraterrestrial origin, in order to ask for salvation from the evil empires of earth.
The other themes I found throughout the article relate to the messages received from the ET's. The first is the ET's will save us upon the coming of earth time Armageddon. The ET's will be awaiting to swoop down from the heavens, saving the blessed, chosen few, who will become transformed into enlightened beings, then placed back on earth to reign their own lives and spread a utopian, love based world view of peace and harmony within ourselves, our world and the universe of creation in which we belong.

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The other message I found was that our powerlessness, denial of truth, peace and overall ill will towards ourselves and our environment, enables us to make the righteous steps toward enlightenment; therefore, we can not hoard off the uncoming cataclysm of our planet, which is why the ET's are here to help, for we can not accomplish righteousness on our own. The UFO's them become our saviors, redeemers and interstellar gods.
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