A Federal Government System is the Best Policy When Dealing with the United States

A Federal Government System is the Best Policy When Dealing with the United States

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A Federal Government System is the Best Policy When Dealing with the United States

Like Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, I undoubtedly believe that a strong central government is the only means of a correctly functioning democratic government. The United States government is constructed of many systems and ideas which, when bound together, create the Democratic government utilized by our country. All of the different things, in most cases compliment each other and therefore, work together.

One example of this is the system of federalism. Federalism makes up some of the most important aspects of the government and its operation. Federalism is the system the United States uses as a frame for our government’s power distribution when it comes to policies and procedures. It is what maintains the power between the different levels of government, whether it be the National, State, or Local governments. It also defines and separates each of these governmental levels, while protecting each of their powers as well. This would not be true of an anti-federalist government. An anti-federalist government would greatly weaken the central government, while strengthening all of the state and local governments. Thus, the country, as a whole, would become dangerously weak, and most likely not succeed. I think James Madison says it best in Federalist #10, “Complaints are everywhere heard from our most considerate and virtuous citizens, equally the friends of public and private faith, and of public and personal liberty, that our governments are too unstable”.

There are many opinions and theories concerning the success of such a system, depending on a person’s outlook on the subject. However, despite its pros and cons, it can be said that if nothing else, it at least gets more citizens involved in politics. That is an important aspect it brings, especially when dealing with a country the size of the United States and the political diversities involved at the time (federalist and anti-federalist views).

Depending on the situation of each person and community, they will have their own views and beliefs of how the government should be doing things. Federalism is the system that unites these diversities and allows them to work together. James Madison in Federalist #46 states, “It has been already proved that the members of the federal will be more dependent on the members of the State governments, than the latter will be on the former.

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” Like Madison, I strongly believe that federalism gives these different political views an outlet to be heard and to be useful.

In many other systems of government, political diversity is obsolete because the people’s ideas are not taken into consideration as they are with Federalism. Without political diversity, the idea of federalism is, in a way defeated. It is put there for the people and if those people do not voice an opinion, Federalism has a hard time serving its purpose of aiding the people.

Clearly, it is undeniably true that a federal government system is the best policy when dealing with the United States. It is also true that federalism unites the person as one, which in return, makes a fiercely strong country. For these reasons, I strongly make a stand, along with James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay, for a Federalist system of government.
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