The Significance of Federalism in Political Culture

The Significance of Federalism in Political Culture

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The Significance of Federalism in Political Culture

The United States government is constructed of many systems and ideas which,
when bound together, create the Democratic government utilized by the country. All of
the different things, in most cases compliment each other and therefore, work together.
Two examples of this are the system of federalism and the idea of political culture. They
make up some of the important aspects of the government and its operation.
Federalism is the system the United States uses as a frame for its government's
power distribution when it comes to policies, procedures, and the likes. It is what
maintains the power between the different levels of government, be it the National, state,
or local governments. It also defines and separates these power possessors, while
protecting the rights and profits of each. There are many opinions and theories
concerning the success of such a system, depending on a person's outlook on the subject.
However, despite its pros and cons, it can be said that if nothing else, it at least gets more
citizens involved in politics. That is a important aspect that it brings, especially when it
is tied to political culture.
Political culture is a particular way of thinking in regard to how political and
economic life ought to be carried out by a country's government. These notions may not
always be shared by the country as a whole. There will always be different ideas, which
leads to political subcultures. Depending on the situations of each person and each
community, they will have their own beliefs in how the government should be doing
things. Specific things that are taken into consideration when it comes to political
culture are liberty, equality, civic duty, individual responsibility, and democracy.
Federalism is the system that political culture works within. They flatter each
other in that federalism gives political culture an outlet to be heard and to be useful and
political culture gives federalism a means of success. In many other systems of
government, political culture is obsolete because the people's ideas are not often taken
into consideration as they are with Federalism. Without political culture, the idea of
federalism is, in a way defeated. It is put there for the poeple and if those people do not
hold an opinion and voice it, Federalism has a hard time serving its purpose of aiding its

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poeple. They work well hand in hand, more so than they would alone.
Together, federalism and political culture make for a more successful government
in the United States. In a way, the thrive off of each other and both highly depend on the
country's poeple and their responsibility to take action. The representative government
that the United States has relies on these sort of things. They are a significant piece of
the puzzle that is called a government.
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