Beauty of the Night

Beauty of the Night

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Beauty of the Night

He moved along the beach, his long graceful strides kicking sand behind him. His
movement was so quick, that in combination with his white coat, he was nothing more
then a streak of lightening on a perfectly clear day. Many times, in order to emphasize a
feature, poets compare objects to nature. In Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty,” the
poet is enraptured by woman’s beauty and compares her to the beauty of the dark and
Lord Byron was inspired by his cousin by marriage, Lady Wilmot Horton. She
arrived at a party wearing a black mourning dress strewn with sparkling materials on it.
The sparkle and darkness of the dress must have caught his eyes, for in lines one and two
he describes the lady in the poem “like the night/Of cloudless climes and starry skies.”
The sparkle of the dress reminded him of the stars in the sky and the beauty of it. Not
only did he see the beauty of dark in her but also light as described in line three and four.
Also in line one he states “She walks in beauty like the night” meaning she is elegant,
graceful, and has poise. This lady is “all that’s best of dark and bright/Meet in her aspect
and her eyes.” She is “mellowed to that tender light/Which heaven to gaudy day denies,”
(5,6) therefore in the light of the night she has no glare. During the day the sun shine a
glare on objects blinding your vision, but when Byron looked at her no glare existed.
A perfect balance between light and dark is said in lines seven and eight, “One
shade the more, one ray the less,/Had half impaired the nameless grace.” No matter if
she is in the light or in the shade, or the mood she is in she will always be graceful,
beautiful, and elegant. Her hair is black as a “raven” (9) with gentle waves in every
strand that “softly lightens o’er her face” (10). “Where thoughts serenely sweet
express/How pure, how dear their dwelling place.” That is the essence of purity and
innocent of her mind, heart, body, and soul. Corruption and evil has never crossed her
path. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside but also on the inside.
On her cheek a natural glow occurs so “eloquent(ly)” (14). “The smiles the win”
(15) she has. “But tell the days in goodness spent,/A mind a peace with all below,/A

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heart whose love is innocent!” (16, 17, 18). Once again Lord Byron reiterates her purity
and innocents. But beauty does not only occur in “She walks in Beauty.”
Not only is the woman in Byron’s poet perfect to him but also the structure in
which he wrote his poem. Using Iambic Tetrameter perfectly he weaves the structure of
his poem. Six lines in each poem and eight syllables in each line, the rhythm flows
together. Byron uses diction and imagery to express the ladies beauty. He uses light,
dark, bright, shade, tint, and glow for her beauty. Images of stars, days, face help
manifest it.
Utilizing light and darkness to emphasize features of a lady, Lord Byron wrote his
poem, “She Walks in Beauty.” In his thoughts he admired her beauty, not just of her
looks but also in her mind, heart, body, and soul. Kind of like a in the morning walking
out your front door seeing a blooming flower and the light just emphasizes the color and
tint of it. Through his words Lord Byron created an majestic image of his Lady.
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