Baseball Dreams

Baseball Dreams

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Baseball Dreams

How many times have young boys said, “When I grow up I want to play pro baseball.” I can not count the number of times I have told people that I want to play in the big leagues. Major League baseball players are my heroes and role models, I remember wanting to go to a major league baseball game to see how the pros did it. When I became 14 years old I finally had my chance to see my first major league ball game. Ever since that day I stepped into the ballpark, I knew that I wanted to become a pro baseball player.
My family and I decided that we would go to Texas for our vacation that year. My dad did not tell me that he had purchased some Texas Ranger baseball tickets for us. When we arrived at our hotel the first words to come out of my dad’s mouth was “Get your baseball glove ready were going to the new baseball field to watch the Texas Rangers play the Detroit Lions.” As soon as I heard that, I was the most satisfied kid on the planet. I knew that this would be my first big league game and I would remember it forever.
On our way to the ball field it took longer than I expected it to because the traffic was so hectic from the people trying to get to the ball game. When we finally arrived, I was more excited than I had ever been. After we barley found a parking spot we made our way to the baseball field. I had never seen so many people having the time of their lives. The outside of the stadium was amazing, the size and beauty astonished me. Their were people everywhere scurrying around trying to get in the door to find their seats so that they could get a good look at the players warming up in pre game.
When we finally reached our seats in the stadium, the atmosphere was awesome, it was the greatest feeling ever to be there among the players and the people. As soon as I stepped into the walkway and seen the field I knew I wanted to play baseball in that same park one day. The lights around the stadium were the greatest, they were so big and bright that they lit up the field like it was mid-day.

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I wonder how the players feel every time they suite up and take the field, I bet their really nervous.
My Dreams may never come true or maybe it’s just that I have been living out a childhood fantasy. Thousands of kids each year work there hardest to fulfill the same dream I have. Maybe my dream will fade or it may just not be meant to be. I know the chances of making it to the big leagues are slim, but I think if you work hard and put your mind to something that anything is possible. You can accomplish any goal you put your mind to but you have to have the want and desire to chase after your dreams.
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