College Admissions Essay: My Dad

College Admissions Essay: My Dad

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My Dad


In writing about an important person in my life, there are a number of people that I could discuss. But, I feel that the person who is very special to me and one who has been the most influential, is my dad.


He is the type of person that makes me very proud to say that he is my father, and the type of father that I am most fortunate to have. My father and I have always been very close. He is both loving and caring and the type of person that always puts his family first.


My dad has always been there for me both as a parent and a friend. When I was little, my dad got involved in coaching in my little league baseball, basketball and soccer, and always made time for these father and son activities. We liked to play ball together and still do at times. My dad is a big sports fan and so am I, and I look forward to the weekends when we watch the ball games together. My dad started to take my to the ball games when I was about 5 years old, and we've been doing that ever since. But, playing ball isn't all that's important in life. My father has given me the necessary guidance and has taught me values as a person that have helped me develop from a child into a responsible adult. I want him to be proud of me too, and I know that he is.


His influence has been very strong and meaningful, as I have gone through some difficult periods where he has helped me to be more focused on my goals and trying to accomplish what I set out to do. We discuss my problems, try to put them in the right perspective and deal with them properly. As I am still living at home, with my parents and sister, I am constantly

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Related Searches">interacting with them, seeing how they live their lives, dealing with their everyday problems, and I am growing from this experience.


I know that when I am raising my own children some day and look back at my life, I'll want to be the same type of father, so they would too know, how important a person their father is, in their lives.
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