Comparing Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

Comparing Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

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Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, two names that will be forever
intertwined when relating to our posterity the lives lived by eighteenth century
Americans on the Mississippi. However, is this "parallel relationship"
between the two unforgettable characters truly deserved? The
differences between Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer are significant and numerous.
of all, the difference in confidence between Tom and Huck is evident,
willing to try anything while Huck is more reserved. Huck and Tom
civilization in a different manner, making for another contrast in
Finally, Tom and Huck differ in their dogma of the world. Tom is
about trying to live an adventurous life while Huck's seems to be
reevaluating the values that society has instilled upon him.
While both yearning for adventures, Tom and Huck's confidence are polar
opposites. Tom is an outgoing, and dangerous wild child. When talking
his gang, Tom says, "Everybody has to take an oath, and write his name
blood," which succinctly shows his confident desire for adventure. Huck
is more reserved and much less gregarious that Tom. When Huck questions
saying, "How do we ransom these fellows if we don't know how to do it,"
coyness is apparent. While they are similarly mischievous, Tom's overt
wildness is much different from Huck's conscience.
Tom and Huck through adverse fates have ended up "civilized" in St.
Petersburg. Tom lives with his aunt Polly and Cousins. Tom is content
his lifestyle, he has never run away for any extended period of time.
becomes Widow Douglass' adopted child at the end of The Adventures of
Sawyer, however, Huck does not remain quarantined by society. Within
months, he is once again with Pap. After leaving Pap, Huck and Jim, the widow's

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slave, sail the Mississippi. Huck lives on the river, and he does not
let the world keep him conformed, however, Tom stays with his comfortable home
in St. Petersburg.
Finally, Tom and Huck differ with the way they interpret life. Tom says
to Huck, "you don't know much if you warnt [sic] read Don Quixote." This
shows Tom's obsession with living his life in what has already been done. Tom
follows adventure books like the bible."
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