Suspicion in Othello

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Suspicion in Othello Suspicion - The act of suspecting something, especially something wrong, on little evidence or without proof. This feeling can alter emotions and security without any due course. Whether self inflicted or brought on by another’s words, suspicion will change the faith of any relationship, especially one of enormous love. Even the most sure and sturdy man can fold at the slightest amount of doubt, and this is what Iago devises his plot upon. Without suspicion of infidelity Iago has no power over Othello. Iago realizes early on in the play that this will be Othello’s akelies tendon. Iago is a very intelligent complicated character. This play is more about how evil can work rather than a love gone bad. Iago plays the cast for his own amusement. Iago can be viewed as the narrator of this play. He is left alone on stage several times trough out the play to more or less speak to the audience. One such instance is the last part of the first act where Iago devisee’s his plan of attack on every character in the play. At this point the only reason we have seen for his anger is that he has not been appointed Othello’s lieutenant, despite his recommendations. “But for my sport and profit, I hate the moor…”(1.3.365). It is obvious that Iago is the villain in the play. But this line is very important. Iago hates Othello it seems because of his unapointed position. This line asks us, the audience, a good question: does Iago hate Othello enough to go trough all the trouble creating enemies of the entire cast? There could have been much simpler ways to get at Othello without dragging everyone else into the picture. Also after Rodrigo lost his luetiency it would have been simple for Iago to fill the newly vacant position. I believe, as the line says, Iago hates Othello only for amusement. “But for my sport and profit…” (1.3.365) Iago engages in the act of hating not because he has a disregard for Othello. Iago engages in the act of hating only to hate, whether it be Othello or his own mother. Iago hates for his own “sport and profit.” thus understand this concept of Iago puts a whole new spin on the evil which consumes him.
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