Heroes of the Track

Heroes of the Track

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Heroes of the Track

Racing has gone through many changes since 1974, when it first started. Racecars were not equipped with safety features such as roll bars, cages and safety belts. When accidents occurred drivers were seriously injured or died. Over the years, steps have been taken to prevent major injuries. Race cars are now equipped with safety features and the drivers now wear suits that are made from flame retardant material, helmets and safety belts. Racetracks have also been modified to help make the sport safe. Through triumph and tragedy the sport of racing has been built into the nationwide event it is today. with safety feature improvements for the cars and drivers; the people in the racing industry are heroes to me because of their courage.

I like hearing stories about Lee Petty's racing times, he is a favorite of mine. He is one of many who have made racing what it is today. Lee passed his knowledge of racing to his Richard and together they have built Petty's Enterprises. Petty Enterprises builds and races only the fastest cars. Tey also have a driving school, where people are taught the technique, procedures and methods of driving a race car. The Petty's Enterprise is pass down through the family, keeping the going from one genration to the next. Richard's son Kyle and granson Adam are also professional race car drivers. The Petty family experienced a terrible tragedy when Adam lost his life racing. Instead of closing the door on racing, Richard and Kyle investigated Adam's crash and applied necessary changes to make racing safer.There are no guarantees our heroes will not get hurt racing, no matter what pecautions are taken. Just a few months ago we lost "The Intimidator", Dale Earnhardt. He was one of NASCAR's best racers, winning 110 Winston Cup and Daytona races combined. He was known for taking racing to its limits. Like the Pettys, Dale passed his racing knowledge to Kelly and Dale Jr. Dale's sons will continue to keep the Earnhardt Industry and legend alive.
How proud the racing legends must feel, knowing they are responsible for thr recognition racing has today. They have influenced many different varieties of vehicles racing in the competitive sport.

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They have made major gains toward car and safety. All the heroes in the industry work hard to see that racing will continue for many years. As I watch oue own car going aroun the track, I think that maybe somedsy oue race team will become a legend. When oue car receives the checkered flag, I know that our hard work has paid off. Going home filled with excitement of winning, I wonder if the heroes of racing felt the same.
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