Make-Up Application for Different Kinds of Filipina Faces

Make-Up Application for Different Kinds of Filipina Faces

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Make-Up Application for Different Kinds of Filipina Faces


Attention-getter: Every wondered how you can feel good all the more about yourself? This is what you’ve been crazy to learn about for years.
Credentials: I have been into makeup for more than 5 years now and have consulted magazines and different makeup artists.
Interest: We women should know how to apply makeup…it’s like knowing what to wear and what to eat.
II. THESIS: Today I will inform you on how to apply makeup for the 3 different types of Filipina faces.

PREVIEW: Those three different types of Filipina faces are: (1) Makeup techniques for the oriental (chinita) beauties. (2) Makeup techniques for the western (mestisa) beauties. (3) Makeup techniques for the dark-skinned (morena) beauties.


Makeup techniques for the oriental (chinita) beauties.
Dark eye shadow will minimize eyes while light shades make them stand out. If in doubt, neutrals are always the safest picks.
a. Always start off with a shimmery shadow all over the lid to open up the eyes.

Shop for shades that complement your skin and eye color. Shades that softly contrast with your eyes work best.
Shop for darker shades because light ones make your eyes look chinkier.
Use pale blush (like soft pink).
For the lips, apply pink to red shades.
Makeup techniques for the western (mestisa) beauties.
Emphasize the eyes by putting on liner. Recommended shades are blue, green, gold, and more of the neutrals.
Select a shade of blush that matches the natural color of your cheeks. Remember that the lighter your skin tone, the lighter your blush color should be. Fair-skinned women should look for beige, tawny-rose and pink tones.
Lip colors are more of pinks and browns, but never the dark ones. Dark shades make the lips overdone and too striking for a mestisa’s face.
Makeup techniques for the dark-skinned (morena) beauties.
White makeup is perfect for morena beauties because this will set off their skin tone. A shimmery shadow like silvery white is advisable. Gold or bronze works as well.
Bronze and brown shades are perfect for morenas when it comes to their cheek color.

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This will make them look naturally made up.
Stick to warm and deep lip colors like wine, plum, deep pink and rose. Anything too bright like orange or coral tones will look too harsh. An alternative may be browns and bronze lip colors.

Review main points.
Makeup techniques for the oriental (chinita) beauties.
Makeup techniques for the western (mestisa) beauties.
Makeup techniques for the dark-skinned (morena) beauties.
B. Closing thought: Think beautiful. Look beautiful. Feel beautiful.
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