Political Review

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Political Review

Political Review was a play that dealt with some of the American issues that affects the lives of every individual young and old. It dealt with race, politics, the “American Dream”, censors (TV and movies), gender, and just everyday issues that affect us as a society.
What made this an American play was that they were all dressed in red, white, and blue and the main character that we saw before every scene was Abraham Lincoln, it was a political view of American society. The play was broken up into different sections and before every scene and actor dressed like Abraham Lincoln would walk with a poster board in his hand, written on this board would be the next issue they were about to discuss. For instance, if the next scene dealt with race he would walk by with a sign that had “Race” written on it, in a sense preparing the audience for what they were about to see. Each section would contain approximately four to five skits that reflected that topic from an “American” point of view. Each character used their real life names and acted in each skit that affected them personally, which gave this play a much greater impact.
What was also very interesting was that each section of this play was only addressed the negative things that affect us. For example, the topic of homosexuality they represented it with an infomercial that was selling a real life size doll of this homosexual man who had been beaten to death for his sexual orientation, and the host said things like “It comes with real blood dripping down it’s body, and also If you call now you can receive the gate he was hung from for free, also containing real blood”. In the midst of this infomercial there is someone acting it out. The issue of politics they acted out a scene that was called “Presidents Wives Boot Camp” and it just portrayed them as being puppets. They were being trained to act and dress a certain way, maintain a perfect image, and if they didn’t they go the “boot”. It didn’t have one story line, but I gathered that the overall theme of the play was that “We live in a corrupt society in a nation that is based on lies”.
My overall reaction to the play is that I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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At the time it was funny, but in all actuality it was really depressing. It was like a lot of the issues that they dealt with weren’t foreign to me, but to have them actually thrown in your face raw and uncut, it might have been a lot for people to handle. We are not used to being exposed like this play exposed us. When I use words like us and we I talking about USA and the society we live in. This was absolutely a showstopper it was raw, in your face, and personal what more can I say.

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