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IU basketball

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IU basketball

Having read the conspiracy theories, laments of disgust and genuine concern for the lackluster start of the 2000-2001 version of the Indiana Hoosiers, I have formed an opinion of my own. Sources placed well within the Limestone confines of the IU campus have given me tiny nuggets of information, that when woven together, form a tapestry of intrigue, mischief and downright rottenness. I preface the the following by acknowledging that what you are about to read may be considered ridiculous, far-fetched or outlandish but I assure you there are no facts to be miscronstrued. All that fills the following space is a blatant attempt to ridicule those that hang on to every word of certain Peegs' posters, those that pray for the return of the former coach and those who think longer shorts and Nike will reduce IU basketball to nothing but a pick-up game with paid parking.

Sometime this fall, before you-know-what, those in the state who loyally follow the Cream & Crimson were filled with excitement. The crop of incoming freshman made mouths water and after last year's untimely exit from a certain tournament (you all know which one I am talking about) we were ready for a fresh start. But then someting happened. No, it wasn't the departure of star guard CJ Righton but instead the ridiculous and embarrasing dismissal of the Colonel. What were we to do? What was to happen? Sources (who have asked to remain nameless) told me students weren't happy. In fact a grass-roots effort to create some kind of rally outside Congregation Stadium started. News crews and the Colonel himself showed. IT WAS TRUE!! believe it or not, the students weren't happy. AMAZING! It was their frustration that surfaced. The students' emotions embodied the sentiment felt by most of the fans across the nation. They were tired of watching early exits from tournaments and tough games. The only thing they had to hang onto was the visage of our leader. The tough-as-nails, no nonsense commander who would surely pull them through. Other than the banners hanging in Congregation Stadium, he was the only remnant of the past, the glory years. Now he too was taken away. Their Colonel was treated like a criminal run out of town, indeed he was run out of the state.

Now the natives were restless. Janitors in place in University buildings tell me some students were upset, while others were looking for an excuse to act out the latest Limp Bizkit song.

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Falculty were tired of it all. In fact, longtime Colonel critic, Prof. Gerber was forced to flee to Brazil because of threats to his family. This all unfolded in front of us all, and IU hadn't even started the season yet, but what a season it would surely be. The coach had been named, and although they knew little about him Bloom County knew he brought in the group of highly touted players. Things looked promising. At least fans wanted to think so. Bloom County really wanted it all to be over and the season to start. But people wouldn't let it die. My internet lieutenants informed me that theories had been posted and pleas for coach to come back were sent. It was somewhat upsetting. On one level it was sad to think the things posted by (name your state)Hoosier could be true. On another level it was sad to think some people think the fearless leader, the Colonel, lacked the pride and self-respect to come back to Bloom County. The whole thing was reminiscent of some kind of bizarre funeral ritual, but instead of burying the body and remembering the good times, the loyal soldiers exumed the body and paraded it through the streets for everyone to see. But it only got worse.

My sources attending Midnight Madness tell me the event only served to reaffirm the nations' notion that those in Bloom County were obsessed. They remarked about a sign reading "we still drink the Kool-Aid." Oh, a proud moment indeed. But the season started rocky. Followers were unsure about this coach. The coach who turned his back on the ways of the past. He refused to run the motion? Does anyone find that questionable? The same time IU gets a new coach (for whatever reason) a new system is installed? WOW! Talk about wearing different uniforms? Dear Lord!!!! This surely marked the end of a dynasty, and the ingredients of a revolution. For what comes next? Probably a future marked without graduating seniors, championships or character. It's true, tradition dose have it's place but when does it need to change? Some in Bloom County also had a hard time dealing with policy change. It seems many are unwilling to deal with anything that flies directly in the face of the previous administration. Evidence has shown that a lot of the programs who have won in (you know which) tournament had policy different than those of the Colonel. Some of those programs were, and it pains me to write this, RESPECTABLE??! Michigan A&M doesn't run motion. Some teams actually play a little zone (sorry I had to write the "z" word). Could it be that however misguided the reasons for dismissal were, those in Bloom County could see past the trees for the forest, and support the current coaching administration and team? Apparently not. Nothing could happen fast enough to this team for this set of fanatics. The experts, and I'm not talking about the AAU coaches and out-of-touch supporters who frequent certain internet "safe havens" knew this would be a struggling team. They probably weren't as good as Bloom County had hoped, let's face it they were a young team. They had no seniors. They would be plagued with the same motivational problems they had last year. There were plenty of games they didn't win that they should have last year. But players like CJ Righton would come through. This year they had no proven leader, and it wouldn't matter who was coach. This is something they would have to grow into on their own. So the interim-coach taught what he knows best and we were subjected to a season with ups and downs. But some fans couldn't wait. They were poised with what-ifs and I-told-you-sos.

It seems to me that whatever the intention of President Bland and his cohorts, the Bloom County residents have been played for the fools. Again, my souces say that could have been the entire plan, to separate the wheat from the chaff. They claim our Colonel was not bigger than the school it seems he may have been because some have turned out to actually be Colonel fans instead of IU fans. That is fine, but when this ship does right its course I hope you are rooting for the Colonel and not for IU.
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