Pudd'nhead Wilson as a Hero

Pudd'nhead Wilson as a Hero

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Pudd'nhead Wilson as a Hero
Is Pudd'nhead really a hero? Do you think what he did was right? In

my opinion absolutely. When he proved that Thomas a Beckett Driscoll

(who was really Valet de Chambre) killed York Driscoll it showed the town

that he was not really a Pudd'nhead at all. Pudd'nhead discovered that the

babies were switched at birth between the ages of seven to eight months by

someone who worked in the house which shows just how clever he was.

That is just about the time when Roxy confessed that she had switched the

babies at birth. Not only did Pudd'nhead save Chambers (who was really

Tom) from being treated as a slave for the rest of his life he also saved the

two twin counts from being falsely accused of murder.

The way Pudd'nhead figured out about who killed Lord Driscoll took

real intelligence. You see there was blood stained fingerprints on the fancy

knife used to kill him so being in defense of Count Luigi who was accused

of killing him he tried to find some way of saying that he was not guilty. He

took his fingerprints and see if they matched up to the knifes and since it

did not even resemble Count Luigi's fingerprints he was surely not the one

who killed Lord Driscoll.

So, if Count Luigi didn't kill him who did? Pudd'nhead also figured

that the person who killed him had to be in the house so he must of thought

of Tom and Chambers. Now seeing that he took both of their fingerprints

when they were babies he brought them out. He called the babies A and B.

He figured out that the babies were switched at birth by someone in the

house. He said "The murderer of your friend and mine - York Driscoll of the

generous hand and kindly spirits sits among you. Valet de Chambre negro

and slave–falsely called Thomas a Beckett Driscoll–make upon the window

the fingerprints that will hang you!" This statement proving that Chambers

(falsely called Tom) was the murderer.

Roxy admitted to switching the babies at birth because she wanted

her son to have a better life. As for the real Tom it was very embarrassing

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situation for him now that he was the real heir. He could not read or write

and talked like a slave. For the real Chambers, he was sold down the river

as a slave.

In conclusion, I feel that Pudd'nhead was a real hero by sending the

real criminal to prison and saving two innocent lives. Count Luigi and the

real Tom's lives. In different ways might I add though. He saved Count

Luigi from being imprisoned all the rest of his life and most importantly he

saved Tom from the life of a slave and being treated like that the rest of his

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