The Apache Tribe

The Apache Tribe

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The Apache were a very interesting group of Indians. The name Apache means “enemy” when translated. Many neighboring tribes feared them. They were located in Texas and the New Mexico Desert, and you can still find reservations there today.
A leader of the Apache had to be special and posses many qualities. Some of these qualities include the following: wealth, wisdom, sympathy, and strength. A few of their jobs consisted of listening and speaking well, settling disputes, making sure everyone is on task, and most importantly giving advice. The Nanta (or the leader) is a well earned position in the Apache tribes. One of the famous leaders was Mangas Coloradas. He was nearly slashed to death by Americans and was caught at Fort McLane. His head was cut off, boiled, and sent back to the east, to be exhibited.
Their religion consisted of medicine men that lead religious ceremonies. During the ceremonies men wore kilts, black masks, tall wooden slat headdresses, and body paint. The Apache had many ceremonies for special occasions in people’s lives. An example of a ceremony is one held for teenagers starting puberty. The Apache also believe in spiritual beings.
The Apache lived in an area with little vegetation so they mostly hunted and gathered food. They were able to grow a few items including, maize, (corn,) beans, and squash, but, they were frequently on the move. The Apache hunted buffalo, deer, and rabbit.
The houses that the Apache lived in were called wickiup. They were domed shaped with large wooden poles. The tops were covered with brush and grass, or reed mats. At the top of the house there were smoke holes. The Apache also lived in tee-pees, because they were always on the move. The roles of the men in the tribes consisted of hunting and gathering and the women gathered food, wood, and water.
When the Europeans arrived, the Apache stood up to them.

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One good thing is that the Apache could withstand the European diseases. It is said that, “ the Apaches could live naked in temperatures below zero.”
The Apache were people who were always on the move. They left their homes and crops behind, constantly in search of new resources. Overall, the Apache were nomadic people who could adapt almost any environmental conditions.
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