Life in College

Life in College

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Life in College

College is about learning. It is not as simple as learning whatever it is that is being
taught in your required classes, though. It is about learning how to listen, how to speak,
how to think. Learning who you are, who your friends are, the type of people you want as
friends. Learning how to trust your innermost feelings, and how to find those feelings in
the first place. It is about learning what is really important to you, and learning what you
really do not give a damn about.
College is about learning how to tolerate, how to accept, how to like, and how to
love. Learning how to give as well as you receive, and how to trust that everything will
even itself out on its own (you buy a pizza one night, your roommate will the next night).
It is about learning that your mom and dad actually do have the right answers sometimes,
and that your younger sister is not such a little kid anymore.
College is about learning how to treat people as people, not as stereotypes.
Learning that sometimes a kiss is not just a kiss, that sometimes it means more, and that
sometimes it means less. Learning how to achieve, how to succeed, how to accomplish. It
is about learning how to not come in first place and still be proud, and about coming in
last and learning how to admit that you could have done better.
College is about learning that loud parties do not necessarily mean a good time.
Learning that loneliness does not go away in a crowd (worst, if you are international), and
that sometimes it is okay to be by yourself on a Friday or Saturday night. It is about
learning that your lunchtime crowd does not constitute your popularity, and that
popularity is all a matter of perspective. It is about learning that boredom is simply laziness
of the mind, and that watching three hours of Thursday night ABC is not quality relaxation
College is about learning how to pack a bag, how to pack a car, and how to pack a
room full of way too much stuff. Learning that people probably like you a whole lot more
than they will ever tell you, and that it is your responsibility to make sure your friends
know how much you appreciate them. It is about learning that simply doing what you are
supposed to do is not enough, you need to put forth twice that much in order to fully

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grasp whatever it is that is sitting in front of you. It is about learning how to make people
College is about learning how to miss people enough to not stick them in the past,
and how to not miss them so much that it keeps you from moving into the future.
Learning how to motivate yourself and how to motivate others. Learning how to be
responsible, how to be reliable, and how to achieve what you want on the right time and
how to wait if is not the right time. College is about learning. Learning how to live.
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