The Man Behind the Scandal

The Man Behind the Scandal

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The Man Behind the Scandal

Although all the scandal that he has been through he has stayed loyal to his work and people. He is doing the best he can for his country and his people. He made mistakes that caused a lot of scandal and emotional damage to people but I think that no matter what he did, we should forgive him.

Bill Clinton is the actual President of the United States and I think he deserves to stay there for a while. He made a lot for the economy of the United States. He is the first President of U.S.A. to not have a losing economy. United States is having the best economy so far thanks to him. In summary, he is always satisfying the needs of his people and other countries.

Almost a year ago he got accused of having an affair with a worker of the White House called Monica Lewinsky. Monica Lewinsky testified and told court that they had an affair for approximately 8 moths. She specified everything she did with Bill Clinton. All this exploded when a Monica Lewinsky’s friend recorded a conversation with her and she made it public. The scandal exploded and Clinton was on the target of the people. When he heard about this he told his people that he didn’t do it. In conclusion Bill had to ask for forgiveness to his people for what he did.

Suddenly people started to forgive all the good things he did and started to concentrate on the scandal and began to attack him and accused him of being a liar and an evil person. I know that he lied, but hey, the man was sorry. I know that his forgiveness speech came from his heart because you could see in his eyes that it wasn’t a regular speech, it was a more profound and delicate one. I think that the people should forgive this error he committed because he is human, he makes mistakes like you and me. The fact that he is the most important man in America doesn’t make him perfect. The fact is that because he is a celebrity, the scandal is worse.

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That is his personal life, we shouldn’t judge or interfere in his life.

He made an error by doing what he did, an error that can happen to anyone. We should concentrate and be happy for the good things he is making for the people and not of the mistakes he did in the past. Just put on his position, how would you feel if you were really regret and people just don’t forgive you. You won’t feel tired? You won’t feel frustrated or anxious? That’s probably what he is feeling right now, with the people that are attacking him and haven’t forgiven him. Just think of that and you will see that he needs forgiveness. We should forgive if we want to be forgiven.
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