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“ AIDS is actually the final stage... of infection with what we know as the AIDS

virus” (Langone 8). “ AIDS is... also accepted as a syndrome, a collection of specific, life-

threatening... infections and symptoms that is the result of an underlying immune

deficiency - a deficiency not caused by any known conditions and illnesses other than

infection with the AIDS virus” (8).

There is one main explanation of how AIDS started and came to America.

Scientists believe that when the Portuguese took Africans to Japan, the Africans got AIDS

from the monkeys (63). The monkeys would be in the trash, and when the people,

including the Africans, would chase the monkeys away, the monkeys would fight back

biting and scratching (63). That is how the Africans got AIDS, but scientists do not know

how AIDS got to Africa (63). Scientists do know how AIDS got to America. Haitian

laborers went to Africa and contracted the disease ( Hay 13-14). Then the laborers

returned to Haiti, and met homosexual men from the United States (13-14). The

homosexual men contracted AIDS from the Haitians and returned to the United States

where AIDS spread further (13-14).

When AIDS is in peoples bodies it does not mean people are infected with the

virus, but there is a 20-50 percent chance that the virus will infect the patient ( Langone

9). AIDS also has many symptoms that come with it, but there are also many medications

and therapies that help, but education is the most effective.

AIDS, a fatal disease caused by HIV, causes painful symptoms that can be treated

with medications and therapies but can not be cured.HIV causes AIDS by HIV infection,

dysfunction, and the ultimate destruction of the cells that present the intracellular microbes

that cause infection to the CD4 and CD8 cells ( Caulfield and Goldberg 95 ). People can

contract AIDS many different ways such as: through sex, sex with the same sex, and

sharing needles.

Drug users that are infected are the greatest single threat to potentially spread the

infection of HIV (Quackenbush and Nelson ). “IV (intraveneous) drug use is the second

largest transmission category for AIDS in the United States, representing a consistent 17

percent of the diagnosed cases nationally” (275).

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Over half of all women with AIDS have

been IVdrug users and more than half children have parents who are IV drug users (275).

90 percent of all AIDS in state, federal, county prisons, and jails were found to be IV drug

users (275). It is very difficult for safety messages to get through to drug users because

of: denial, addictive nature, of rich behaviors, impairment of judgment, and lack of space

in treatment programs (267-77).

“The AIDS [virus] itself... does not kill” (Langone 8). It destroys the body’s

capacity to ward off bacteria and viruses that would ordinarily be fought off by a properly

functioning immune system, and it is the diseases,...that eventually kill victims(8). The

author says “one can say that the AIDS virus itself does not kill, nor does it...cause the

various diseases associated with the syndrome; most of the disastrous events are simply

the result of the damage to the immune system (8).

There are many symptoms to AIDS: they are swollen glands which occur in the

neck, armpits, or groin with or without pain (12-13). Swollen glands is one of the most

common symptoms (12-13). Unexpected and unexplained weight loss of more than 10

pounds in less than two months and loss of appetite (12). Another symptom is also leg

weakness, unexplained fever that lasts more than a week (12). White blemishes and spots

in the mouth (13). Hairy leukoplakia which shows with white scars in the mouth, tongue,

or vagina caused by overgrowth of the mucous membrane (13). Shingles a very painful

viral disease that are blisters that develop along the course of a nerve (13). Night sweats:

several weeks of waking up drenched with sweat, continued diarrhea which is caused by a

protozoan parasite which may be chronic (13). Persistent dry coughing not from smoking

and it lasts too long to be a cold or flu (13). Current estimates suggest that an infected

person who does not have symptoms will probably develop detectable antibodies to the

virus in two to eight months after the initial exposure, but in some people six or more

months may go by before there is evidence of infection(11). But while the time between

infection and the presence of antibodies may be tracked, the length of time that an infected

person will remain free of symptoms seem to vary widely, from days to many years (11).

There are many infections that come with AIDS. Tuberculosis is very harmful to

AIDS patients because it can spread to the bones, lymph nodes, the rectum, nerves, and

the lining around the heart (16). Kaposi’s Sarcoma is more likely in homosexual men with

AIDS then it is in other AIDS patients (16). It spreads to the gastorin testical tract, the

lymph nodes, and lungs (16). It has also turned up in the brain (16). Lymphoma is the

first sign of AIDS (14). Pneumonia is the most common infection that is diagnosed

in AIDS patients and has a death rate of 25 to 50 percent (14). Cryptosporidiosis is

severe diarrhea and can result in death (15). Cryptocossosis is caused by a yeast like

fungus which results in about up to 25% of deaths even with treatment (15). Herpes

simplex virus which causes lesions on the mouth, the rectum, and genital areas which are

mild in people with out AIDS but more severe to people with AIDS (15).

AIDS does not kill you, “death results from a form of cancer, Kaposis’s Sarcoma,

that is far more aggressive in AIDS patients .... (8).

There are plenty of therapies for AIDS patients. If you exercise it will make AIDS

patients feel better and it stimulates the energy of your body (Hay 240-41). Acupuncture

can increase energy, well being, and respiratory status and decrease the size of nodes,

]elief of night sweats, and diarrhea (240-41). Massages can relax your body which will

make you feel good (241-42). Also Reiki is good and it is directing energy from one

person to another with their hands (241-42). Trager is also another good therapy, it

relaxes one part of the body at a time (242). Rolfing is related to Trager but is more

specific and concentrated (242). Crsytal healing has been used for thousand of years

(243). It is known to have special properties that could help in spiritual and physical

healing (243). Your mental attitude will help also (243). Taking massive doses of vitamin

C will help build your immune system and fight off other diseases (239-40). Homeopathy

is a system of using natural substances to alleviate symptoms (239-40).

There are also many medications to help against AIDS and infections associated

with AIDS. IMREG-1: increases the T4 levels and helps the immune system a little (209-

10). Inosiplex: increases the production of NKL(Natural Killer Lymphocytes) (209-10).

Interleukin-2: known as a T-cell growth factor has shown to proliferate all T-cell subsets

(209-10). AL-721: It will coat all the body cells making it difficult for AIDS to replicate

(210). Beta-interferon: this treats Kaposi’s Sarcoma but has severe side effects like

nausea, weight loss, and muscular pain (210). AZT: It fools AIDS with an artificial form

of amino acid which is necessary for reproduction (210). Chinese herbal medications and

Acupuncture have become very popular to.

Many AIDS patients use Marijuana. Since the government will not allow AIDS

patients to smoke it they have to do it illegally and its more dangerous like that (Bruno et

al. 201). There is no guarantee patients will get Marijuana, second there’s no guarantee of

potency, and third the product on the street may contain contaminants or be adulterated

with other drugs (201). Marinol is a synthetic drug which mimics T4C the most

psychoactive chemical in Marijuana (200). It takes from one to four hours for Marinol to

work if it even does but AIDS patients say in five to ten minutes Marijuana works (200-


Candidasis another major symptom commonly known as thrush, is a yeast infection

that grows in the mouth and throat and causes severe pain (Caulfield and Goldberg 80). It

grows when the immune system is severely damage for example if a person has AIDS

(80). There are some treatments for Candidiasis. They are tea tree oil which is an extract

of a tree native to Australia it was tired and it works for mucusal fungal infections (82).

The mixture is gargled (82). Pau D’Arco also known as Taheebo and Ipi Roxo is an

extract from the bark of a South American tree used for centuries (81). It has anti fungal

properties (81). Garlic works for all but two candidiasis strings (81). It also prevents

other cancers (81). Gamma-Linoleic Acid (OLA) is an essential fatty acid often extracted

from evening primrose flowers (82). It helps prevent Candidiasis from becoming

systematically invasive (82). Lactobacillus helps maintain the balance of fungus and

bacteria in the intestinal tract (82). Biotin is a B-vitamin that treats thrush infections (82).

Dieting helps because Candidiasis feeds on sugar and over processed carbohydrates.

Education is important in preventing AIDS. Teachers of all grade levels need to

have the same knowledge to handle questions that arise in class, in case there are any

students with AIDS they will be able to talk to them about AIDS (Quackenbush and

Nelson 167). The Centers for Disease Control recommends that teachers need to be

trained, communities need to be involved and classroom time needs to be provided for

AIDS education (166).

Educators are anxious about their role and responsibility, especially since

education is the biggest deterrent to AIDS (165-66). Teachers recognize the importance


of education to stop the spread of all diseases especially AIDS, but since AIDS education

requires to talk about sexuality and drugs that makes some administrators feel uneasy


Some critics think that AIDS education programs are not good for our youth and

that abstinence is the only way to prevent AIDS (Leon et. Al.,203). People also think

teaching children about condoms and distributing them is the wrong approach (202).

Home education about AIDS is also extremely important (Quackenbush, and

Nelson 106). “Aids brings up many questions related to personal values, and children

learn values most powerfully and effectively from their parents” (106). Schools or other

organizations providing AIDS programs can help parents learn how to talk to their kids

about AIDS (107). “Parents can not control their children’s behavior, but they can help

protect them through education”(106).

Most parents have a hard time talking about sex, and drugs to their children but

such matters come up in discussing about AIDS with your child (106). The National PTA

offers the following recommendations to parents embarking on this task: the first and

most important step is for the parent to start talking (106). Provide and discuss

information that kids will understand. Learn accurate information about AIDS

and teach your kids how they can get AIDS (106). Find out what kids think they

know about AIDS and correct what they have wrong (102). Tell kids that casual

contact with an AIDS patients will not harm them (107).

Teenagers face special AIDS related risks due to high level of sexual activity and

drug use (107). Teens need to know detailed facts about AIDS (107). Teens should

understand that as long as they make good decisions and refrain from high risk behavior

they can avoid AIDS (107). Parents should also discuss modes of transmissions(107).

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