Case Study on Aids and Condoms

Case Study on Aids and Condoms

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Case Study on Aids and Condoms

The AIDS virus is spreading rapidly throughout India and Brazil. Due to the differences in culture and political policies, these two countries are attacking the AIDS epidemic problem in two totally different ways. On one hand, Brazil plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for teaching public AIDS awareness mainly to married women and Carnival goers. In comparison, India's government has identified specific targets of their society in order to reach the public and spread the information about AIDS awareness.

Brazil's Approach

The Brazilian Health Ministry has already conducted a majority of its research first hand, gathering much of the primary research needed before spending the earmarked $300 million next year for fighting this epidemic. However, the Health Ministry's plan to distribute 250 million condoms, primarily in urban slums, would be inefficient and a waste of money. In the first place, the fact remains that Brazilian men apparently refuse to wear condoms for protection because they are expensive to buy and the men do not like to wear them. Also, Brazilian women do not have much say as to whether the male in the relationship wears a condom or not during sex. Therefore, even if they know that their sexual partner is sleeping around, these women are afraid of being beaten, or losing their spouse, and will not insist upon condom usage for protection. Since asking their mate to use a condom is considered an insult to a Brazilian male, consequently, distributing condoms in this atmosphere would be a futile waste of resources. Instead of spending a majority of the funding on the purchasing and distribution of male condoms, the ministry should buy more of the female version. As a result, this would allow some of the females in the Brazilian population to take control of arming themselves against the epidemic. Unfortunately, because this version is three times the cost of male condoms, they would not be able to buy as many. However, the female condom was highly approved by the women who tested it, so the expense for purchasing and distributing them would be more effective. In addition, the main goal of the Brazilian campaign against AIDS should be targeted at raising awareness among the youth in Brazil. Since the older population is more resistant to readily change their sexual practices by using condoms, future AIDS awareness needs to be aimed at the children and teenagers of Brazil.

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It is not too late for them to learn the dangerous consequences of this deadly virus.

India's Approach

In comparison, India has chosen a different approach in its efforts to expand AIDS awareness in their country. The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the frontrunner in preventing the spread of AIDS. Instead of just targeting high-risks groups, Tamil Nadu uses its AIDS education program to reach the overall population. This differs significantly from the Brazilian strategy that primarily targets married women and Carnival goers. Also, Tamil Nadu is attempting to use established forms of communication and information such as barbershops and the cinema theaters. The idea of educating barbers is an extremely effective tactic to deliver the message to the male population. Since men in India are often too shy and reluctant to talk about the spread of AIDS openly, they are more comfortable discussing this topic privately in the barbershops. Historically, India's barbers have been considered as honored traditional healers and trusted advisors. As a result, the men will not be afraid of taking free condoms when they are offered. The beauty of the whole barbershop plan is that it is remarkably cost effective; the state spends relatively little for education costs. Also, the AIDS awareness campaign takes advantage of Tamil's infatuation with movies at the theaters since its populations are avid movie junkies. Consequently, presenting messages before the movies' start reaches a broader base of the public with men and women of all demographic categories.

AIDS Problem in the U.S.

In the United States, the Aids epidemic is a public national issue that is addressed openly nationwide. Unlike India's government, both the U.S. government and the President of the United States recognize the need for AIDS awareness throughout the entire country. Also, people in the United States are not embarrassed to talk openly about the AIDS virus. In contrast, India's government does not make AIDS prevention a priority. In addition, because the standard of living in the United States is much higher than that of either Brazil or India, the U.S. government does not have to address additional health problems such as tuberculosis and malaria. Therefore, the resources allocated to the spread of public AIDS awareness are greater in the United States. Clearly, the biggest difference between the U.S. and Brazil is the culture. In general, American men are not as averse to wearing a condom for protection as the Brazilian men. Overall, American males, along with most of the U.S. public, are better educated about AIDS awareness and prevention. Not only are condoms used to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, but they are also predominately used as a method of birth control as well. This added advantage should be stressed in foreign markets like Brazil and especially in India where the population numbers are dramatically exploding numerically.

India's strategy to use movie theaters as a method to present public messages about AIDS awareness would also work well in the United States. Once again, this strategy would reach people of all demographic classifications since media usage is an enormously productive means of sending messages about AIDS awareness in the United States. Unfortunately, barbers are not as prestigious in the United States, so this method would not be effective. Nevertheless, this strategy would not be as necessary for the distribution of condoms because American males generally do not hesitate to purchase them at stores or even in public restrooms.

Because Brazil has a totally different culture than that of the United States, it thus requires a different strategy for promoting AIDS awareness. In comparison, targeting American housewives would not be as effective in the United States because American husbands are not as promiscuous as those in Brazil. Instead, the homosexual population would be better targets for AIDS awareness programs than American housewives would.
London International Group

The London International Group should globalize their market. By producing one standardized, high quality product at a low price for the consumer, the DUREX AVANTI would save money for their company as a result. Then, these savings could be used to increase their company's efforts for sending the AIDS awareness message to individual countries through an increased spending on media and public events. Furthermore, through the extensive use of media, like MTV, DUREX could break through to the younger generation of Brazilians who are potential consumers of condoms.
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